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If you are searching for mobile app designers or app developers in Toronto, you’ve found the right place!

Based in Canada since 2011, Guarana Technologies is a smartphone application development agency. Whether it be for a smartphone, tablet or wearable device, we are trusted experts in creating, designing and developing mobile apps.

What makes us stand out among other mobile app development companies? We guide projects by transforming your ideas into a functioning mobile app! This involves helping you draft it, making it smart, making it sexy, and finally, launching it.

Your business app

We develop mobile apps for any of your business needs


Generate new sales channels, empower your customers and deliver precise messages to boost your sales.


Offer an ideal customer experience, customize information, reward client loyalty, and optimize your point of sales.


Refine your process, manage bid data and control with apps.


Generate traction, construct smart technologies, design a sexy app and take over the market.

Our services

We build you app success model

An app is not simply a stack of code. Apps depend on a solid concept, which needs to be represented clearly and concisely to your future users and potential investors. Working with a variety of startups and marketing teams, our team of Montreal and Toronto app developers have come up with smart and relevant concepts. What makes us distinctive is our tight combination of IT and Management skills.

We make your app effortless and sexy

A surprising fact: roughly 1 out of 4 apps downloaded in 2013 was only used once! That’s why you need to grab and maintain your user’s attention right off the bat! Users desire sleek and familiar navigation. Feature clarity and graphic interface are major factors in making outstanding apps. From the overall architecture through to the nitty-gritty details, everything counts when you develop mobile apps. Therefore, you ought to recognize your users’ needs and put yourself in their shoes, think like them!

We foster your project on any platform

Your projects are given life with our programming. Guarana takes the concept, the architecture, and the design and converts it into an attractive and smooth mobile application. Each line of code will establish the DNA of your app. We excel in mobile app development in Toronto and Montreal, as we develop robust and native apps on the major platforms. If your app is succeeding in one app store, we can then adapt it to fit other markets too.

Our expertise

Technology is our passion and this means we get excited about what’s new and hot, we always want to be on the cutting edge, so much so that we’re already dipping into and designing our first Apple Watch apps. We’re all over the trends of mobile development in Toronto and Montreal. From Apple Pay apps to iBeacons and iOS8 Extensions, when we develop iPhone apps we’re leveraging the latest technologies at the same time. This stays true for when we develop Android apps as well.

Top App Developers in Canada

Guarana was recently named a Top Application Development Agency in Canada for 2018 by and CrowdReviews.

Guarana Technologies develops best-of-class mobile apps for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. We develop your app ideas, make them smart and sexy, code them and launch them. Native iOS and Android app development.


4446 Saint Laurent, Suite 1000
Montreal, QC, H2W 1Z5, Canada


250 University Ave, Suite 200
Toronto, ON, M5H 3E5, Canada

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