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We’re a mobile app development agency present in both Toronto and Montreal with over 6 years of experience in developing Android apps. Our team of highly skilled app developers are well-versed in both Kotlin and JAVA.

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Our Android app development process

Android App Wireframing

One of the most important phases of the Android app development is crafting the wireframe. Our UX experts are knowledgeable about building smooth and extremely user-friendly app frameworks to ensure your users stay engaged and have a great experience from the get-go.

Android App User Interface Design

Our Android app developers know how to navigate Android’s flexible framework for UI design that allows your app to display different layouts for different devices, create custom UI widgets, and even control aspects of the system UI outside your app’s window.

Android App Programming

Our Android app developers are highly skilled in Java programming language using the Android Software Development Kit, (SDK), which provides a rich application framework that allows you to build innovative apps for all Android running mobile devices.

How is it like to work with us?


★★★★★ – Jeremy Gordon, Co-Founder at KINETICOACH Travel Trainer 
We were blown away by the responsiveness of their developers and their uncanny ability to conceptualize exactly what we were looking for in our app. From graphics to interface, Guaraná exceeded all expectations and delivered an incredible product.


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