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As Android’s operating system continues to take over the market, more businesses are looking to build an Android app to grow their brand and user engagement. These businesses are turning to professional Android app developers to help them bring their apps to life in a realistic, innovative, and efficient way.

Guaraná is the leading Android app development company in Toronto and Montreal, with over six years of experience and industry expertise under our belt. We specialize in democratizing app development and technology for startups and established businesses.

We build native Android apps that offer convenience, security, and stability to your users. Learn how our team can build an Android app to help your business reach the next level.

Android Development

Android Agency in Toronto & Montreal

Businesses in Canada and North America must keep up with today’s consumer demands to successfully grow and sustain their brand. Mobile applications offer an efficient way for businesses to reach their consumers and utilize today’s innovative technology simultaneously.

At Guaraná, we understand that no two businesses are exactly alike. That’s why our app developers in Montreal and Toronto offer solutions that can be customized to any user experience. Our team of highly skilled Android app developers is well-versed in both Kotlin and JAVA programs and will guide you through our process from idea to execution.

Features & benefits of using Android app development


Our Android app developers in Toronto and Montreal access inexpensive end devices, systems, and hardware to help startup clients build a robust and compatible app without breaking their budget.


Android’s new security features make it more difficult for malware to identify and locate data. Our professional app developers can utilize these innovative upgrades for the user’s peace of mind.


Android’s open-source platform allows a developer to truly customize the experience for the user. Its innovative and versatile OS allows apps to be integrated seamlessly into multimedia tools.

Our expertise with Android app development



Java is one of the most popular programming languages for Android app developers in Toronto and Montreal. Its abundant default design patterns and open-source codes help developers make scalable and adaptable apps.

Our team has been using Java to develop high-quality Android apps for over five years and are the experts in this advanced programming language.



Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that is able to communicate efficiently with Java. Its conciseness allows developers to solve a greater number of problems with fewer lines of code, resulting in a short time-to-market.

We’ve implemented Kotlin into our practices to offer our clients an innovative way to take their Android application to the next level.

Our Android apps have been featured in

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Our Android app development process

Android App Wireframing

One of the most important phases of application development is crafting the wireframe. Our UX experts understand how to create smooth and extremely user-friendly app frameworks to ensure your users stay engaged and have a great experience.

Android App User Interface Design

Our team knows how to navigate Android’s flexible framework for UI design. This framework allows your app to display different layouts for various devices, create custom UI widgets, and control aspects of the system UI outside your app’s window.

Android App Programming

Our developers are highly skilled in Java programming language using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). This software provides a rich application framework that allows you to build innovative apps for all Android-running mobile devices.

Android Code

Who is Android App Development for?


Tech Startups

Startups need high-quality mobile apps to help build their brand and engage with new customers. Our Android developers in Montreal and Toronto create robust apps that stand firm with the competition.

Existing Businesses

Taking your business to the next level means utilizing innovative software and technology to connect with your customers. Our team will work with you to customize your application to ensure brand cohesion.



Mobile technology is transforming the manufacturing industry, and businesses are looking for an Android app developer that can help streamline operations and increase productivity.

Examples of our lastest Android App Development projects

Toronto Waste Wizard

We worked with the City of Toronto to develop an app that helps residents learn where and how to dispose of their garbage by neighbourhood.


SIR+ is a new kind of dating app for Android users that connects you with single, mature men in your city for a quality dating experience.


OnPlate helps you order from your table, avoid wait times, and enjoy a better overall experience with the ease of your Android mobile app.


We worked with Fitolio to create a multiplatform app focusing on exercises live streaming. Users can watch multiple live videos or drop-ins, search for their desired mentors and interact with them.

What it is like to work with our Android app developers


★★★★★ – Jeremy Gordon, Co-Founder at KINETICOACH Travel Trainer 
We were blown away by the responsiveness of their developers and their uncanny ability to conceptualize exactly what we were looking for in our app. From graphics to interface, Guaraná exceeded all expectations and delivered an incredible product.

Frequently asked questions about Android app development

What is Android app development?

Android app development is the process of coding and building mobile applications that run on the Android operating system. These apps can be written with Kotlin, Java, or C++ software using the Android software development kit. Once the application has been created, it is launched on Google Play for download.

What is Android app development used for?

There are various reasons why a business may choose to develop an Android app. Some choose to create an app that is based around learning, while others may create one that offers entertainment value to its users.

In most cases, businesses will utilize an Android app developer in Montreal, Toronto, or Brooklyn to help them create an extension of their brand. Apps are a significant tool in reaching new and existing customers and require the tools and resources of professional engineers to navigate effectively.

Native vs. Hybrid Android Apps

Understanding the difference between hybrid and native applications can help you identify which is more appropriate for your business.

Native apps operate with a type of software or program that is developed to complete specific tasks on one platform. These apps are typically built using SDK —software development kits — for specific frameworks or operating systems. Native apps are beneficial for high-definition games, graphics-heavy applications, and intensive animations — this is often due to the coding operating at a faster speed than HTML and JavaScript.

Hybrid apps are, in their own way, a type of native app — since they can be downloaded from the platform’s app store just as a native application can. However, a hybrid app has access to both iOS and Android operating systems using a single code base. With a single code base, an Android app developer is only tasked with writing the code once. Many businesses will select the hybrid option in favour of its efficient and cost-effective methods.

Which software is used in Android app development?

At Guaraná, we’ll choose between two distinct softwares when developing an application for Android devices.

Kotlin is a programming language that is used by a significant number of professional application developers in Montreal and Toronto. Its modern language features allow our team to concentrate on writing code with greater variations. It can fully communicate with Java, which allows us to add as little or as much Kotlin as we prefer.

Java is the second programming language used by our development team and is designed to have as few application dependencies as possible. Its general-purpose programming allows developers to write their code once and run it on any platform that supports Java.

We’ll connect you with an app developer in Toronto or Montreal from our team to discuss your vision and determine which programming language is best suited to your project.

What is the role of an Android app developer?

An app developer is responsible for outlining, testing, and programming a mobile application for their client on the Android operating system. As an experienced computer software engineer, they can bring their client’s vision to life, using advanced coding techniques and detailed knowledge of the target audience.

Experienced developers understand coding languages and how to navigate them to their advantage. Developing an app for the Android platform can be challenging. A professional development team has the tools and resources to create a robust and engaging app that will resonate with your users.

Why do I need an Android app developer?

Developing a mobile app is a detailed and nuanced process that requires the help of a professional computer software engineer to ensure it is designed to be safe and robust.

Working with a Guaraná developer in Toronto or Montreal is the first step to creating an app that highlights the features and amenities of your business.

Your app developer will have in-depth insight into the current market trends and can tap into the needs of the user. Using this information, they can combine your vision for the mobile app to create a seamless product.

Our experienced developers will continuously test your app and identify any bugs before they hinder its performance. We’ll guide you through the process and ensure you’re satisfied from start to finish.

What are the benefits of Android app development?

Android app developers know that this technology allows brands to reach their consumers in new and innovative ways. Nearly every consumer has a mobile device in today’s day in age, which makes app development a key to the success of any modern business.

There are several specific benefits to developing an app for Android devices, including:

Businesses look to a professional Android app developer to help them navigate the process in a cost-effective way. The low cost and affordability of creating an Android application is a significant draw for today’s developers, primarily because Android devices and hardware are less costly than iOS. Its 200 million user base is an additional benefit that helps keep overall costs down.

Thanks to Android’s versatile platform, our app developers in Brooklyn, Toronto, and Montreal can create easy and flexible customization options. Its robust operating system can seamlessly integrate a range of modifications and features, both simple and complex. Developers can use this to their advantage, adding diverse functions and a more engaging app overall.

Enhanced Security
Android’s security features have improved significantly in recent years and can now stand firm with Apple’s iOS devices. Its secure data structure can subvert malware more efficiently, and its automated system can send notifications to its users to keep them informed of their device’s activity.

Reduced Time to Market
In a competitive mobile app market, the ability to launch your application in a timely fashion is essential to its success. Working with an Android app developer can ensure faster development and seamless integration of your custom features. This increased efficiency allows your business to promote your app right away and enjoy the benefits that come with a reduced TMM.

Custom ROMs
Custom ROMs allow a developer to change your app’s appearance and its performance to mirror your brand’s business model. The majority of ROMs are free and offer increased functionality, which will help you leverage your mobile app to its full potential.

How to get started with Android app development

The first step to successful Android app development is choosing a professional developer to help you define, create, and launch an engaging mobile application.

At Guaraná, we start with an idea and work with you to develop the first draft. We’ll determine if an Android platform is best for your business and ensure your project is entirely feasible. Our experienced Android app developers in Toronto and Montreal will use the market research provided to them to determine which features will help your application stand out in the app store.

We’ll answer your questions and address any concerns to ensure you’re up-to-speed with our process and are satisfied with how your app is developing — from creating a simple wireframe to the final tests before it becomes available to the public.

What is the best platform for Android app development?

There are two primary programming languages an app developer will use to build an application for Android devices: Java and Kotlin. Both programs are industry favourites, though they offer their own features and benefits.

Java is considered one of the most common programming languages for Androids, offering a variety of design patterns and adaptable features that developers can use to create scalable mobile applications. Its open-source libraries are often used to reduce the overall cost of building these apps and can create a more efficient development process.

Kotlin is now used by a significant number of developers thanks to its modern language features, safer codes, and streamlined programming. It can be integrated with Java at varying degrees for a more customizable app. Kotlin offers fewer codes and higher readability which can lead to fewer errors in the back end.

What Android app development services does Guaraná provide?

At Guaraná, we’re proud to offer a wide range of customized app development services and solutions to our clients across North America.

As an Android app developer in Toronto and Montreal, we specialize in developing robust, scalable, and engaging Android apps for businesses and brands across various industries. We’ll work closely with you to determine your vision and goals for your app, the ideal platform and technology for your project, and the unique features and amenities you’d like your users to experience.

In addition to our mobile app development services, we offer web app development, IoT, AR/VR, and UX/UI solutions to help our clients maximize their reach and develop long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Where does Guaraná provide Android app development services?

Our team of professional Android app developers is stationed in our offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Brooklyn, New York. They are also available to help our clients virtually across North America.

How can I get in touch with Guaraná’s Android application developers?

If you’re looking to launch an engaging, scalable mobile application for Android devices, contact Guaraná today. We’ll work with you to sharpen your initial idea and create custom coding to help your company utilize today’s mobile technology.

You can get in touch with our team by visiting our offices in Toronto, Montreal, or Brooklyn or by phone or email. We can’t wait to help your business take the next steps.


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