Android Training course 

Learn how to develop Android Apps with Java language

The Android development training will kickstart you in your
journey to develop modern Android apps.

You will get to know the Android SDK, and get a taste of the variety
of libraries used by Android developers.


Get familiar with the Java programming language
Use Android Studio and its graphic designer
Interact with a backend and display its data using the ListView UI pattern
Discover the new Android Material design, and how to implement it in your app
Implement the MVP architecture pattern
Understand the challenges of building a modular easily testable app on Android

Training schedule

Day 1 
Overview of programming for Android

Overview of programming with Java
Introduction to Android Studio, its graphic designer, and gradle, its build system
Creating your first application: Books catalog
Introduction to the resources system
Using XML files to describe your interface
Creating a tablet-specific layout

Day 2 
Retrieving, manipulating and displaying data

Overview of ListView and and the new RecyclerView
Retrieving backend data using Retrofit
Displaying data using ListView and the View Holder pattern
Making API calls without blocking the UI

Day 3
Supporting all the configurations

Supporting landscape mode
Supporting configuration changes
Handling large screens using Fragments
Passing information between your views using FragmentArgs
Handling view states using Icepick

Day 4 
Android’s new Material design

Material design: the guidelines
Overview of the Support library: how to use it
Overview of the Support library: the pitfalls
Using the graphic designer to build beautiful compelling apps
Overview of animations

Day 5 
Debugging, testing and publishing your app

Final steps before publishing your app
Localization, optimization, and Proguard
Testing using JUnit, Mockito and Espresso
Debugging using the Stetho framework


Object-oriented programming
Knowledge of Java is a plus
Have a PC which can run Android Studio


Our highly-talented young cracks and senior programmers are able to code any kind of mobile app on every platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Because every mobile OS is unique, we develop native apps which will run perfectly on any device. They will teach you the proper ways to develop an app for Android smartphones and tablets.



This training can be done in our office, your office or even remotely. Let us know what is the best option.