How to choose the right mobile application development agency?

February 21, 2022

Often, a project to develop a mobile application involves significant challenges: an investment of several thousand euros or even tens / hundreds of thousands of euros, loyalty objectives, growth, human resources mobilized, time ,

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What is deep linking?

February 22, 2022

Deeplinking is today an essential technique of mobile marketing. This way of redirecting the user directly to the specific content of a mobile application is just as useful for the developers/editors of the application, as

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Application development with Android vs iOS, what are the differences?

Creating apps for Android vs iOS might seem very similar to the untrained eye, but the truth is that each of these two operating systems has its own peculiarities. There are many differences between Android

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The benefits of widgets in iOS 14 for app developers

November 18, 2021

With the arrival of iOS 14, Apple has (finally) integrated widgets on iPhone and iPad. Present for many years on Android, these small graphical elements can be added to the user’s home screen. We

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How do you measure a mobile application’s ROI?

March 25, 2021

ROI is the financial ratio of money earned or lost to the money invested upfront. Measuring it is therefore a ‘must’ for your mobile app projects. While today there are in fact many tools

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How micro-interactions in an application can revitalise the UX

March 18, 2021

Just as on any website, there are several components essential to a mobile app’s operation and quality: technical or functional characteristics, aesthetics and what we are calling “the details”. Micro-interactions are those details that

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Foldable screens, their impact on the future of mobile applications.

March 15, 2022

They’ve arrived: foldable screens! What do they mean for your mobile apps? In one corner, we have Samsung with the Galaxy Fold. Unveiled to developers in November, Samsung’s foldable smartphone has finally gone into

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In-app permissions: how to make them less annoying for users?

March 4, 2021

Whether you have a smartphone running on Android or iOS, you would have already come across those infamous pop-ups asking for access to your personal data, your contacts list or a whole range of

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Guaraná Technologies Crowned as Canada’s Top App Developer

February 8, 2021

Do you find it frustrating whenever you open faulty apps? Imagine taking your time to download an app only to find out that it’s barely functioning. Well, that goes the same for companies —

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What You Should Consider When Preparing a Mobile App PRD

March 21, 2019

A product requirements document (PRD), also known as the scope of a mobile app development project, outlines the basic functionalities and technical specifications before the app building process begins, acting as a guide and

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Our values

Partners - not providers.

Guaraná will act as your partner and advisor throughout the whole process. Our app development process is tailored to be collaborative and we truly embrace each one of our projects. Being a well rounded and skilled team makes us a great long-term partner for both startups and established companies.

Execution equals excellence.

We truly commit to your digital app development project's success. We're passionate about turning your web & mobile application idea into a high-performance digital product with authentic design, smooth usability and amazing engagement. We provide nothing less than the best user experience possible.

High-quality code built for business growth

Our tech team ensures we always craft the best logic for your users and your strategy. Our scalable solutions are ready to accommodate any new features you might need - when your business evolves, our code evolves with you.