App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization: How to Improve Your App Performance

More than 80% of applications in the marketplace fail to generate 500 downloads. How do you ensure that your application avoids falling victim to this so-called “zombie app” population? The answer is simple: through App Store Optimization. How does the App Store algorithm work? Classification algorithms take into account 3 principal criterion: The number of […]

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mobile app acquisition growth

How to Improve Your App Discoverability

Strategies you can adopt for App Store Optimization (ASO), to improve the ease in which your app is discovered. Research shows that over 60% of all app downloads are found through your basic app store search. This stat speaks volumes on the importance in making your app stand out from the other 2 million available […]

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How Good Is My App Idea?

Coming up with original app ideas is often the game of choice over a beer with friends or even during your quiet, solitary moments. If you want to get serious about taking the next step, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 1. Think Flexibly You undoubtedly already have at least one app […]

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Guarana's contribution to the parse community

Our contribution to the Parse community

If you have not been paying attention, Parse has been working tirelessly on open-sourcing their development stack. The project drew a lot of support within the community, and has grown now to include necessary features like push notifications, and a dashboard system. It has also matured as a technology, inviting many host providers to support […]

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Responsive Website or Mobile App: Which One Is The Best For You?

In the last 3 years, the number of smartphone users has grown by 180%, and until 2018 it will grow another 130%, reaching 2.56 billion people in the world. With the growth of mobile users, being present in the mobile world isn’t just an option, but an obligation. Where do I begin? Is it better […]

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Why you should always have analytics in your mobile app

You can’t develop an app marketing strategy until you have a clear picture of who is downloading your app and how, when and where they are using it. Without hard data, you’re forced to simply make guesses about each of these points, and that’s never a cost-effective way to market any product. As a matter […]

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7 quick User Experience tips to make it easy as pie

With over 1.6 million apps available for Android users and 1.5 million for Apple OS users, developers face a lot of competition. Making your app easier to use is one way that you can encourage people to download and use it regularly. Follow these seven tips to improve your app’s UX and make it easy […]

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Improve customer experience with a mobile app

These days, most businesses can benefit from using a mobile application. Best of all, most customers can benefit from it, too. If you are considering getting an app for your business, take a look at the ways you can offer a perfect customer digital experience with the right app. Offer a perfect customer digital experience […]

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5 Steps to Prepare a Mobile App Project

Before you spend a single minute on app development and design, there are several steps you need to take. The app market is flooded each year, with more than 60,000 apps released each month in the App Store. To create something that stands out from the crowd, line up all the parts of app development […]

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Ten Questions to Ask When Hiring a Developer

If your company doesn’t have a mobile app yet, you’re missing out on a growing segment of potential customers. If your expertise isn’t in IT, adding an app to your business strategy means hiring a mobile developer. How do you pick the right person for the job? Here are 10 questions you should ask before […]

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Top App Developers in Canada

Guarana was recently named a Top Application Development Agency in Canada for 2018 by and CrowdReviews.

Guarana Technologies develops best-of-class mobile apps for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. We develop your app ideas, make them smart and sexy, code them and launch them. Native iOS and Android app development.


4446 Saint Laurent, Suite 1000
Montreal, QC, H2W 1Z5, Canada


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