Raphael stands under the Guaraná logo in the office after his interview.

My Guaraná Experience: Raphael on iOS App Development

All the way from Fortaleza, Brazil, Raphael Souza first came to Canada back in 2014 to complete a certificate in mobile development on Vancouver Island, he said, “I always heard that there were programs to come here and I researched for Canada and it seemed to be a great place so that became a dream […]

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Image of a notebook and a pen placed on a table next to a laptop with coding on the screen.

A Comprehensive Handbook to App Development for the Non-Tech Savvy

Chapter 1: An Introduction to App Development Terminology It is no secret that to ensure the success of a business, you must constantly look for new opportunities to grow and find unique ways to deliver services to customers. According to App Annie, between 2015 and 2020 the global mobile app store downloads will more than […]

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Image of an intern standing under the Guaraná company logo in the office while holding a little cactus on her last day of work

My Guaraná Experience: Nina Discusses her Time as an Intern

Nina Qi’s four-month internship at Guaraná as a Lead Management and Project Onboarding intern went by in a whirlwind. It was an experience she will never forget. Going into it she was expecting to learn about the mobile app development field, sales and communicating with clients, but what she didn’t realize was that she would […]

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Someone taking a picture of the plate of food on the table in front of her showing the connection between food and technology

Investors Should Watch Out for These 6 Cutting-Edge Food App Startups in Toronto

We are far past the days where we used to have to make a phone call to order our food and anxiously wonder if they heard the order right over the loud noises of the restaurant. Nowadays, ordering food has become so much easier where we can simply tap a button on our phones and […]

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An image of a textbook, a notebook and a tablet stacked on top of each other showing how education and technology come together

Top 8 Most Revolutionary Education App Startups in Toronto

Learning in a classroom has changed drastically over the years, from writing on a chalkboard to now typing on a tablet or drawing on a SMART board, it is clear that the times are changing toward digital education. Technology is constantly being developed to enhance education not only for students but for educators as well, […]

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Someone holding up a phone to take a picture under an arch and through it you can see buildings on a sunny day

Ingenious Ways Businesses are Handling Augmented Reality Technology

Imagine trying on a tattoo at home without going to a tattoo parlor or moving furniture around your house before even purchasing it or even trying on makeup without actually applying it to your skin – that is the beauty of augmented reality. Businesses and products can now interact with their consumers on a whole […]

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An image of a cellphone screen with different types of apps which shows the importance of icon design and app store optimization.

How to Create an App Icon Scientifically Designed to Increase Downloads

They say to never judge a book by its cover but that is exactly what we are doing when we look for an app that not only solves our problems but is also visually appealing at the same time. There is such a large selection of apps that customers need to know quickly which ones […]

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Man sitting at a table surrounded by a laptop and coffee, pointing with a pen to papers about funding your app startup in Toronto.

A Guide to Mastering Funding for your Toronto App Startup

According to Forbes, within the first 16 to 18 months, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail due to lack of funds and 50% of small businesses that began in 2011 failed in the first four years. It is no secret that becoming an entrepreneur has its fair share of challenges. It can be a daunting […]

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Mobile apps being used by three people

The 5 Mobile Apps that Epitomize Enterprise Innovation

Step onto any subway car, go into any café, and walk down any street.  One thing you’re guaranteed to witness is a smartphone being used. With all of us glued to our screens, going mobile is a crucial marketing strategy for any brand.  Furthermore, mobile apps can transform a static enterprise into one teeming with […]

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A Guaraná mobile app development agency working on building a mobile app

A Thorough Guide to Your Mobile App Development Process

At Guaraná Technologies, we’ve built over 80 successful apps in the past five years. However, developing an app can be an intimidating process for developers and business owners alike. Since entering the mobile arena is essential to every company’s marketing strategy, this article breaks down the daunting mobile app development process by providing a clear […]

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Top App Developers in Canada

Guarana was recently named a Top Application Development Agency in Canada for 2018 by Clutch.co and CrowdReviews.

Guarana Technologies develops best-of-class mobile apps for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. We develop your app ideas, make them smart and sexy, code them and launch them. Native iOS and Android app development.


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