What’s The Best Language for App Development? — It Depends

October 13, 2022

With several programming languages to choose from, such as Java, JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C, and Kotlin, many clients wonder what’s the best language for app development. The answer isn’t as straightforward as you may think.

Whether you need mobile app development in Montreal, Toronto, or anywhere else, the following considerations will impact what language we use to develop your software.  

1. Platform

The software’s platform is the primary factor when choosing the ideal programming language for app development. The three leading platforms are Android, iOS, and Web.


Android is the mobile operating system by technology giant Google. Android powers smartphones and tablets from companies like Samsung, Google, and others. Modified versions of Android also run computers, gaming devices, and smart TVs.

Experts estimate that there are around 3 billion active Android devices in the wild today. Developing an app for this platform will give you tremendous market reach, especially internationally. However, the iOS and Android market very close in North American countries like Canada.

App developers can use Java, JavaScript, Python, Kotlin, C, and C++ to develop software for the Android operating system.


Apple Inc. created iOS to run devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. Although iOS is the second-most widely installed mobile operating system internationally, it boasts a slightly higher market share than Android in the United States and Canada.

Developing an app for iOS can be suitable for your market strategy as Apple’s App Store can generate more revenue than Google Play Store. Additionally, it can be more cost-effective to develop an app for iOS than Android because of the controlled nature of the Apple ecosystem and the efficiency of the Swift programming language.

App developers can use Swift, Objective-C, C, and C++ to develop iOS apps.


Clients ask for web apps when they want to extend their mobile apps to the web. For example, a client with an Android app may also want a version that users can access through their browsers. However, some businesses only have web apps without any native mobile apps to match.

Even though web apps run on websites, they carry the aesthetics and usability of their cousins on iOS or Android. Users who hesitate to download apps are more likely to use web apps because they run through browsers.

App developers can use JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, and PHP to develop web apps.

2. Native or Hybrid

The best language for app development also depends on whether you want a native or a hybrid app. Although some languages can only help you develop a native app for a specific platform, other technologies can support the creation of hybrid apps.

Best Languages for Native Apps

So, what are native apps? In a nutshell, a native app is an app dedicated to a specific platform. An iOS-only app is a native app. Likewise, an Android-only app is a native app.

Swift is the best language for iOS app development, stealing the crown from Objective-C. The best android app development language is probably Java though Kotlin is sniffing at its heels.

There are several benefits to developing a native app. Native apps tend to be more secure. They can also be more sophisticated and leverage mobile phone hardware for breathtaking results. The app’s performance can be faster due to the simpler code base and ecosystem.

However, the product cycle is nearly double when creating two native apps for two separate operating systems. In addition to the longer development time, maintenance and upgrades can take longer as developers work with two platforms.

Best Languages for Hybrid Apps

Developers can use one language to develop a hybrid app for multiple platforms. JavaScript is one of the best languages for hybrid apps. Developers create a backend code base for hybrid apps and then cover it in an iOS and Android shell.

There are undoubtedly many advantages to developing hybrid apps. Development cycles can be shorter and more cost-effective, while maintenance is more straightforward. Rolling out new features is more manageable when working with a single codebase.

But hybrid apps are best for more straightforward projects.

Generally, it’s better to develop native apps because they can handle complex features like animations and other mechanisms without slowing down.

The Most Popular Languages for App Development


Java is one of the world’s most popular programming languages due to its simplicity, security, and object-oriented and multithreaded nature. It’s also quite versatile. Not only can developers use Java to build and run mobile apps, but they can also create cloud applications, chatbots, web apps, and AI-powered internet of things (IoT) apps.  


Although some people think Java and JavaScript are the same languages, they’re actually different. While Java is a programming language, technically, JavaScript is a programming script. In other words, coders need to compile Java while they need to write JavaScript.

Many developers feel JavaScript is the best programming language for app development, especially when leveraging powerful frameworks.


Kotlin is a relatively new entry in the programming language world. Released in 2011 by JetBrains, Kotlin is officially supported by Google as an Android app development language. It’s known for its efficiency, fast compilation time, and concise library set. Kotlin still needs time to mature before it can overtake other languages like Java.  


Objective-C is a general-purpose programming language and a superset of C. It was the preferred programming language for iOS for many years, but it has been overtaken by the simpler and faster Swift.  


Swift is a relatively new programming language, released in 2014 by Apple. It’s quickly gained favour as the best programming language for iOS app development. It’s faster and easier to use than Objective-C and quite interactive too.

Technologies for App Development

At Guaraná, we consider ourselves a technology-agnostic app development company. In other words, we leverage the ideal programming languages and technologies to create the best possible solution for you.

Our projects utilize technologies such as React, MongoDB, NodeJS, Angular JS, and Ruby on Rails. Let’s take a closer look at these resources.


React is a robust JavaScript library made by Instagram and Facebook. It allows developers to craft declarative, component-based, and predictable user interfaces. React offers top cross-platform support too. At Guaraná, we use this flexible open-source JavaScript library to create fast and highly scalable web application frontends. Partner with us if you need a top React Native development solution for your organization.


A highly scalable and flexible document database, MongoDB is an excellent solution for web apps with high write loads, big data sets, and location-based data. It’s particularly useful for Content Management Systems. And with its ability to create powerful applications that enhance the end-user experience, it’s no wonder it’s the database of choice for Fortune 500 companies and startups.

Guaraná is renowned for its MongoDB development expertise. We have over a decade of experience, creating custom MongoDB web and mobile applications for startups, established businesses, and manufacturing brands. Our top-of-the-line MongoDB development services highlight your brand’s strengths in a high-functioning web or mobile application.


Node.js is a free, open-source server environment that runs on multiple platforms and utilizes JavaScript. It offers a rich framework, allowing developers to create robust web applications.

Tech startups, existing businesses, and manufacturers can all optimize their digital footprint and impact on the online market by partnering with the best Node.js developers.

At Guaraná, we specialize in innovative web and app development in North America. We create scalable, robust apps. Our custom features help expand your virtual presence and increase audience engagement by leveraging powerful cross-platform applications written in JavaScript like Node.js.


AngularJS is another popular JavaScript framework. Developed by Google, AngularJS allows programmers to craft efficient, flexible, and well-structured JavaScript-heavy single-page-based web applications.

The Angular Framework Development team at Guaraná is always on top of the latest technological trends to deliver state-of-the-art and customized websites and web applications. With AngularJS, we create dynamic, rich, and data-driven web software that enriches the end-user experience.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a popular programming language primarily used for web application development of servers, data processing, and more. As you can probably guess, Ruby on Rails is a web app development framework written in Ruby.

Ruby on Rails simplifies web app development by offering pre-built code structures. Some developers use the framework for web apps with limited budgets and short development times.

Why Choose Guaraná Technologies?

We are a tight-knit team of developers, designers, and engineers, specializing in different platforms with in-depth expertise in established and emerging app development technologies. We empower our innovative clients through the skills we constantly gain and finetune.

Our developers will always utilize the best programming languages, frameworks, and technologies for your project to deliver the optimal solution based on your needs, milestones, and budget. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you achieve your aspirations.

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