Someone's arm is reaching out holding a piece of paper with the wifi symbol on it in front of a big forest outside showing how objects can connect everywhere.

Chapter 3: Understanding the Use of Connected Objects

Connected objects have been gaining more traction and popularity as the focus in app development moves toward needing to connect apps to smart devices. According to Statista, the IoT market is worth over 1 billion US dollars annually and Gartner Inc. is predicting that there will be over 20.4 billion IoT connected devices worldwide by […]

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Image of glasses resting on top of a laptop keyboard. Through the glasses you can see programming code running across the screen.

Chapter 2: Knowing When to Choose Hybrid or Native Mobile Applications

For the average person lacking a background in technology and programming, it might be difficult to technically tell the difference between a hybrid and a native app. In fact, did you know that both types can be installed on devices in the exact same way and they can both be found in app stores? If […]

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Image of a notebook and a pen placed on a table next to a laptop with coding on the screen.

A Comprehensive Handbook to App Development for the Non-Tech Savvy

Chapter 1: An Introduction to App Development Terminology It is no secret that to ensure the success of a business, you must constantly look for new opportunities to grow and find unique ways to deliver services to customers. According to App Annie, between 2015 and 2020 the global mobile app store downloads will more than […]

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A Guaraná mobile app development agency working on building a mobile app

A Thorough Guide to Your Mobile App Development Process

At Guaraná Technologies, we’ve built over 80 successful apps in the past five years. However, developing an app can be an intimidating process for developers and business owners alike. Since entering the mobile arena is essential to every company’s marketing strategy, this article breaks down the daunting mobile app development process by providing a clear […]

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How to protect your mobile app startup.

The 3 Best Ways You Can Go About Protecting Your Mobile Application

This is a guest post by Stephen Hoops, Content Marketing Specialist at Direct Online Marketing. Days and weeks of toiling away, hours upon hours sunk into team meetings; creating and successfully launching can be an exhausting, stressful, and draining experience. It’s the culmination of all the hard work that into its development from when it […]

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How Good Is My App Idea?

Coming up with original app ideas is often the game of choice over a beer with friends or even during your quiet, solitary moments. If you want to get serious about taking the next step, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 1. Think Flexibly You undoubtedly already have at least one app […]

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Guarana's contribution to the parse community

Our contribution to the Parse community

If you have not been paying attention, Parse has been working tirelessly on open-sourcing their development stack. The project drew a lot of support within the community, and has grown now to include necessary features like push notifications, and a dashboard system. It has also matured as a technology, inviting many host providers to support […]

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5 Steps to Prepare a Mobile App Project

Before you spend a single minute on app development and design, there are several steps you need to take. The app market is flooded each year, with more than 60,000 apps released each month in the App Store. To create something that stands out from the crowd, line up all the parts of app development […]

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Ten Questions to Ask When Hiring a Developer

If your company doesn’t have a mobile app yet, you’re missing out on a growing segment of potential customers. If your expertise isn’t in IT, adding an app to your business strategy means hiring a mobile developer. How do you pick the right person for the job? Here are 10 questions you should ask before […]

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4 ways to make an application look faster

The responsiveness of a mobile application is a crucial factor for users. If there is fluidity between each action and the loading speed is fast, users will stay more on the application and will not feel any frustration. The waiting time is a major constraint in the digital environment, but it is most felt on […]

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Top App Developers in Canada

Guarana was recently named a Top Application Development Agency in Canada for 2018 by and CrowdReviews.

Guarana Technologies develops best-of-class mobile apps for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. We develop your app ideas, make them smart and sexy, code them and launch them. Native iOS and Android app development.


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