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Guaraná is the leading mobile and web app development agency specializing in iOS and Android IoT development. We develop smart, scalable apps that grow your virtual presence and engage with your audience in new and innovative ways.


The Internet of things is a significant part of the future of technology, and our team of developers understands how to leverage its unique features to build web and mobile apps that can compete in a diverse marketplace. Sensors, wifi, Bluetooth, wearable devices – we know all the ways you can make your Internet of Things (IoT) product idea come to life and be connected to any device.


Let us share our expertise and insights with you and bring your Internet of Things development project to life.

IoT Agency in Toronto & Montreal

At Guaraná, we’re proud to be an innovative application development company in Toronto and Montreal with over 10 years of experience and expertise.

We’re committed to empowering entrepreneurs and high-profile companies through dynamic and engaging IoT apps that highlight the uniqueness of our clients and engage with their audiences in an authentic way.

The Internet of Things is changing the way we interact online, and our developers are at the forefront of this innovation. As the number of connected devices grows, the need for applications that can grow and mature at the same rate. That’s where a professional developer can help.

We’re excited about the future of mobile and web technology and are ready to help your business become a major player in the market. We’ll work with you to define the scope of your project and determine the appropriate features and add-ons that will help your app stand apart from the competition.

Learn how our Internet of Things development experts can help you take the next step.

Features & benefits of using IoT development


The innovation of IoT includes organizational elements that carry out cost-effective features and improve the overall efficiency of the app.


To create a successful IoT app, authorization and authentication are essential. These features ensure the apps we create are secure and robust.


An IoT interface enables users to interact with multiple devices, which leads to enhanced access to an app’s resources and overall productivity.

Our expertise with IoT development

With so many OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) adapting and creating IoT-friendly devices, the opportunities to innovate are endless. Apple Watch, Bluetooth, RFID, sensors, Raspberri Pi, beacons – you name it, we know how to handle all the technology available to bring your idea to life.

At Guaraná, we provide enhanced insight and expertise into the world of Internet of Things and the current trends influencing the marketplace. We help our clients integrate this technology into their app and produce a final product that will stand out to their customers and competitors.

Learn what can be done with innovative Internet of Things technology:

Connected Home & Objects

We can assist you in creating a mobile app that connects with any device through Wifi, Bluetooth, or Beacon and interacts with your product.

Wearable Technology

Smart wristbands, Apple Watch, Smart clothing – no matter what’s the idea, we’ll help you bring it to life and to the hands of users.

Smart Cities

Have a digital product idea to make everyday life better? We’ll develop your app and any software integration needed to take your idea from the paper to the streets.

Connected Car

Let’s bring intelligence to transportation – we’ll work on your connected car project and make sure your application runs smoothly.

Companies who chose us to develop their IoT application

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Who is IoT Development for?


Tech Startups

Young businesses that are looking to innovate can benefit from the new technology and dynamic features that IoT offers. We help startups define their brand and build user engagement through a robust mobile or web app.

Existing Businesses

Just because your company is established doesn’t mean there isn’t room for growth and innovation. Our developers will show you how IoT can help you expand on your current success and reach a new level of online user engagement and revenue.



The manufacturing industry is changing rapidly, and its leaders are looking for new ways to incorporate technology and innovation into their existing routines. We help them see the potential in the Internet of Things.

Our IoT App Development Process


We take the time to understand your short-term and long-term goals so that we can suggest the appropriate platform, software, and features for your new app.


Your developer will build a strong foundation for your app, from the wireframe to the unique UX/UI and technical features needed to engage with users.


From the moment we launch your app, we’ll continue to monitor its progress and ensure any potential bugs are removed before they impact the user’s experience.

Examples of our Latest IoT
Development Projects

Duracell PowerHub (IOS) – We created an interactive step-by-step guide for users looking to monitor their vehicle’s battery with the push of a button.
SpyPoint (IOS) – An animal recognition system needs a robust, engaging mobile app, and that’s exactly what our experienced developers created for SpyPoint.
Cadence Cycle (IOS) – When the team at Cadence needed a Bluetooth solution for their innovative exercise bikes, we developed an IoT app for iOS that met their goal.
Raden (IOS) – Making travel easier and safer was Raden’s goal, and we helped bring their mission to life with smart Internet of Things development.
HeroHealth (Android) – We were proud to be a part of HeroHealth’s mission to make their user’s medical journey safer through dynamic Android app development.
Schneider Electric (IOS) – For our friends at Schneider Electric, we developed the first services-oriented drive for medium voltage operations using IoT intelligence.

What it is like to work with our IoT app developers


★★★★★ – Trisha Stone – CEO at In the mood 
Guaraná managed all of the technical elements of the design/build of my mobile application, In the Mood. They’re creative, they care, and they build great products. I have come to rely on them to not only build an amazing product but to also offer strategic advice on design and growth.

Frequently asked questions about Internet of Things

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things — known for short as IoT — is the network of physical objects, or things, which are embedded with software, sensors, and additional technologies designed to connect and exchange data with other systems and devices over the internet.

What is IoT development?

IoT application development — also known as machine-to-machine development — is a system in which devices exchange data without human interference. This can include company security systems, smart home systems, or accounting systems for logistics companies.

There are four primary components that make up this type of technology:

Hardware typically includes various low-energy sensors that connect to the internet and operate over Bluetooth technology.

Cloud-based applications, either mobile or web, should be used as software for an IoT system since they can act as a control centre for managing all connected devices.

This is one of the most important technologies for this type of app buildout as it can effectively process and arrange data and does not need physical resources to store the data.

The network can send data from sensors to mobile phones and devices and back again, linking all devices in the IoT system.

We’ll help you understand the functionalities and advantages of each component so you have a well-rounded insight into our development process and how it translates to your final product.

What is IoT app development used for?

This innovative development is being used to enhance convenience and opportunities in everyday life, from creating smart home devices to advanced urban security systems.

The goal of developing this technology for mobile and web applications is to offer more dynamic engagement for the user and to make everyday life easier and more efficient. Developers are working with businesses at every level to determine how iOS and Android IoT development can be utilized to expand their consumer reach and promote their brand with innovative new features.

What is the role of an IoT app developer?

The role of an IoT developer is multifaceted and includes a variety of responsibilities that can be tailored to their client’s needs. As mobile and web app experts, they are tasked with ensuring the app they have created is secure for their clients and users, that their software and applications can seamlessly connect to other devices, and that the final product is robust and scalable with the ability to compete in the marketplace.

Why do I need an IoT app developer?

Developing a mobile or web application is a complex, nuanced process. A professional IoT developer has the experience company leaders need to create scalable, robust apps that not only meet their business objectives, but that engage with their users in authentic and innovative ways.

At Guaraná, our team has been creating high-quality applications for over a decade, helping clients across industries increase their virtual presence and achieve sustainable revenue growth. We understand the details of the latest technology and utilize our expertise to create apps that can compete in the marketplace.

What are the benefits of IoT app development?

The Internet of Things has become one of the leading technologies across industries, from automotive and manufacturing to healthcare and retail. Its innovation has helped our clients experience numerous benefits, including:

Improved Customer Experience
No matter the industry, enhancing customer experiences should always be a priority. This technology has helped businesses analyze their data through modern resources, including social media, to tailor their apps to reflect their customers’ desires.

Accessibility & Integration
Combining this technology with iOS and Android platforms is key to creating apps that are smart, robust, and accessible on the go.

Enhanced Security
With advanced encryption policies and protocols in place, companies and their users can feel confident their data is secure.

How to get started with IoT app development

The first step to launching a successful mobile or web application is finding an experienced IoT developer that can bring your vision to life. An established development company will have the resources and insight to help its clients define the scope of their project and the features and platform that are best suited to their end goal.

At Guaraná, we’re your partners in IoT application development and provide a personalized approach from start to finish. We begin by sitting down with you to understand your business objectives and what you hope to achieve with your app. We combine this insight with our expertise to create a plan, including our approach to your wireframe and UI/UX, and our timeline for launching the final product.

We’re committed to creating engaging applications that redefine innovation and achieve scalable growth for our clients. Whether you’re a budding startup or an established corporation, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

iOS vs Android IoT app development?

While both iOS and Android have the potential to launch innovative mobile applications, there are key differences when it comes to creating an app for iOS and Android platforms.

The iOS platform is known for prioritizing content over design and benefits from apps that are multi-layered. iOS includes an enterprise distribution model which allows developers to take advantage of innovative testing utilities. Developers must be cautious when building their app as the App Store is stricter than its Google Play counterparts when it comes to app moderation.

Android’s designs are determined by colour and motion and designers will often build their app with a broader range of tools, from light to colour changes. It extends beyond Google Play for app distribution which is appealing for clients looking to attract a wide range of new users and developers can take advantage of its flexible app moderation requirements.

At Guaraná, our developers are experts in iOS and Android IoT development and have the insights and resources our clients need to determine which platform is best for their project. We’ll guide you through each platform’s benefits and features so you can feel comfortable in your decision and take full advantage of the final product.

What IoT app development services does Guaraná provide?

Guaraná provides a wide range of mobile and web application services across North America, specializing in IoT development. We’ve worked with startups and corporations across every major industry to help them redefine their online presence and grow their consumer base.

We’re your partners in application development from start to finish. Your professional developer will help you expand on your original ideas and define the full scope of your project, before outlining their plans for development and testing. We ensure your project’s feasibility and help determine the right technologies and platform to launch your app.

Once your app has launched, our work doesn’t end there. We will continue to monitor its progress and user response so you can determine the appropriate next steps. We believe in continuous follow-through to ensure your app runs smoothly and efficiently without negatively impacting the user’s experience.

The Internet of Things has become one of the most innovative technologies on the market and a professional development company can help you understand its unique features and utilize its wide range of benefits. Whether you’re developing a security system, new inventory management processes, or looking to optimize your logistics, the possibilities are endless.

Let us help you understand the opportunities at your disposal and create a dynamic application that brings your company to the forefront of the conversation.

Where does Guaraná provide IoT app development services?

At Guaraná, we’re proud to be an established app development company that has helped clients upgrade their virtual presence across North America. Our developers can offer in-person services at our Toronto or Montreal offices, with the ability to help clients virtually anywhere in the world.

How can I get in touch with Guaraná’s IoT application developers?

If you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level, it’s time to get in touch with our developers in Toronto and Montreal. Visit our offices in person, give us a call, or send an email to get started.

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