Internet of Things (IoT) App Development

Let us help you make the world smarter.

Sensors, wifi, Bluetooth, wearable devices – we know all the ways you can make your Internet of Things (IoT) product idea come to life and connected to any device.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve accumulated experience in developing smart and beautiful mobile applications compatible with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and we’re ready to accommodate your project.

Let us share our expertise and experience with you and let’s bring your idea to life.


Who is Internet of Things (IoT) Technology for?


looking to disrupt an industry and innovate.


looking to create another product and generate more revenue.


looking to add intelligence to their existing product.


Latest IoT mobile app projects we’ve worked on:

  • Raden (iOS) – An award winning smart luggage.
  • Kamigami (Android) – Toy robots with attitude.
  • Hero Health (Android) – Smart appliance that manages pills & health.
  • Erogear (Wearable) – Video LED display for smart clothing.
  • Cadence Cycle (iOS) – A bluetooth solution for exercise bikes.
  • See more apps (All Types)

★★★★★ (Jun 1, 2017)
Guaraná managed all of the technical elements of the design/build of my mobile application, In the Mood. They’re creative, they care, and they build great products. I have come to rely on them to not only build an amazing product but to also offer strategic advice on design and growth.

Trisha Stone – CEO at In the mood

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What is Internet of Things (IoT) and
what can you do with it?

According to the Internet of Things Agenda, “The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.”

And what can you do with it? Well, our talented in-house app development team are very knowledgeable about IoT application development and have experience in building Internet of things digital products.

With so many OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) adapting and creating IoT friendly devices, opportunities to innovate are endless. Apple Watch, Bluetooth, RFID, sensors, Raspberri Pi, beacons – you name it, we know how to handle all the technology available to bring your idea to life. Here are a few examples of what can be done with Internet of Things technology:

Connected Home & Objects

We can assist you creating a mobile app that connects with any device through Wifi, Bluetooth or Beacon and interacts with your product.

Wearable Technology

Smart wristbands, Apple Watch, Smart clothing – no matter what’s the idea, we’ll help you bringing it to life and to the hands of users.

Smart Cities

Have a digital product idea to make everyday life better? We’ll develop your app and any software integration needed take your idea from the paper to the streets.

Connected Car

Let’s bring intelligence to transportation – we’ll work on your connected car project and make sure your application runs smoothly.

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