My Guaraná Experience: Constance on Project Management

October 9, 2018

From Paris, France, Guaraná’s Project Manager Constance Drilhon said it has always been a big dream of hers to live in Montreal, “It is such a cool city, the people are so awesome.” Constance first arrived with her family in March 2018 and began working with Guaraná 3 weeks after the big move.

With a background in business and large project management, Constance takes care of the well-being of both the clients and the developers at the office, “I am the interface between the clients and the developers. As soon as the UI and UX have been validated by the clients, I take over all of the projects and manage the delivery with the developers along with any questions they might have. I also manage the expectations and feedback of the clients, the planning and the production process.” Not only is she in charge of project management, but she also takes care of human resources and customer relations as part of her job as Project Manager.

What attracted Constance to a Toronto mobile app development agency are the technical complexities of the job. She loves working with programming rather than managing other products like yogurts or perfumes. Not only does she appreciate the technical aspect, but working at a startup is something that really fascinates her, “It’s like the complete opposite of my previous job. The context is different, the people that work here are different, the processes, the organization, everything is different.  Every model has its strengths and weaknesses. So here it’s a startup we try to adapt to the questions of our clients, we try to adapt to the backlog of projects. In the end, it becomes a great big noodle plate and you get to work with it.”

At Guaraná, Constance enjoys engaging with her hard-working team, she appreciates how they are always determined to give 100% and improve on their skills. One of her favourite resources is a book she recently received as a gift about the Scrum principles, in French it is called: Scrum Le Guide Pratique de la Méthode Agile la Plus Populaire. She explained a little bit what it is all about and how it has helped her in the workplace, “The Scrum methodology is a way to handle a project in a very quick and agile way. In which, you constantly increase the backlog of what you have to do while you are currently doing it. It’s a way of taking client feedback, taking improvement leads, all that stuff on one project, while you are developing it. It’s something that I really got to learn about working here.”

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