Carbon is an app that informs and inspires people to minimize the carbon emissions caused by their energy use.

Carbon requested that we design an app to help to make a serious topic like carbon emissions more fun and engaging. Not only were we able to assist Carbon with its mission of making the world breathe easier, but the app was also featured in the App Store as one of the top environmentally-conscious mobile apps.


Carbon’s concept got our interest from day one. Our main challenge was to build something intuitive, educative and fun at the same time. The user-friendly initial questionnaire collects the daily habits data in light format. At the same time, our algorithm uses custom calculations and a pre-defined database to turn each user’s CO2 production into a score.

Mobile app design for Carbon App


We developed a user-friendly questionnaire that collects data on users’ daily habits, while our algorithm uses custom calculations and a pre-defined database, to turn each user’s CO2 production into a weighted score.

Gamification for mobile apps


Sharing the score played a big part on the app’s virality. We developed an easy and engaging score-sharing system that ensured the application to would increase in organic downloads.

Share score Social Media mobile app


Carbon contains a massive amount of complex data such as the North-American Electricity plants, for each zip code and, car emission rates. The challenge was to develop a system that would extract and calculate user’s carbon emissions per criteria efficiently. Our solution was a dynamic server database structure and query system to provide the user with fast calculations.

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UX/UI wireframe of a mobile app developed by Guarana

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