Designed by psychology and meditation experts, Evenflow is a meditation exercise app that tailors itself to your state of mind.

We were asked to create an app that would embody Evenflow’s mission, of bringing inner peace to everyone, through a customized and extremely user-friendly experience. The clean and calming “blue design” would also play a big role in building the experience from the moment the user opens the app.


Our solution to the customized experience Evenflow requested was an algorithm that suggests the right exercises upon learning the user’s needs. The main dashboard was designed to help users keep track of their progress and discover new meditation exercises. This high level of personalization was also created to increase the app’s user retention.

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We knew right away that an app like Evenflow would need extra care when it came to audio file loading and storage. And so, a light audio playing system that loads and runs smoothly on any device was developed to use as little data as possible.

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What makes Evenflow unique is its ability to tailor the mindfulness experience to the users’ state of mind. We decided to go for a bubble board to embody the app’s light, clean, and calming presence. It also stands out from common list menus, allows the user to quickly visualize all available options and customize their experience in just a few taps.

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Evenflow meditation audios are composed using both an audio track and a background music track. This posed the challenge of streaming two audio sources at the same time. The tracks should not only be streamed, but also saved, so they’re available for the user later on. We developed a dynamic system for audio management in the app, providing users with the fast-loading options and more discreet device-saving of meditations.

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Screenset of Evenflow, a meditation and mindfulness mobile app

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