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Guarana Referral Program
Get 5% of a project value!

Here’s how it works

Fill the form below with your contact information and the one of your referral.
We contact your referral within a few days.
We will send you a weekly update on your referral status.
As soon as the deal is closed and the upfront payment has been done, you get your 5% reward.
Go buy something nice, and keep on referring!

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Terms and conditions

Valid for referrals submitted from 7/31/2015
Last update: 11/26/2016

(1) This program is applicable only if Guarana has not already been in contact with your referral for a project.
(2) In the case where several people give us the same referral, the first person sending it will receive the 5%.
(3) Guarana may not close the deal with your referral and has no obligation to sign a contract if an agreement cannot be found.
(4) This program is applicable only on the value of the first contract signed with your referral following your introduction.
(5) This program is not applicable on any further contract signed between Guarana and your referral.
(6) The payment of 5% of the project value will be done within 7 business days following the first payment received by Guarana from the referral.
(7) Guarana may end the program or change any of the terms at any time, without notice and without obligation to award any referral credits.

Top App Developers in Canada

Guarana was recently named a Top Application Development Agency in Canada for 2018 by and CrowdReviews.

Guarana Technologies develops best-of-class mobile apps for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. We develop your app ideas, make them smart and sexy, code them and launch them. Native iOS and Android app development.


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