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With designers and developers in the same room, working together
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design solutions and bring concepts to life quickly and confidently.

Internet of things

Internet of Things

Sensors, wifi, Bluetooth, wearable devices – we know all the ways you can make your Internet of Things (IoT) product idea come to life and connected to any device.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve accumulated experience in developing smart and beautiful mobile applications compatible with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and we’re ready to accommodate your app development project. Let us share our expertise and experience with you and let’s bring your connected objects idea to life.

Our talented in-house app developers are very knowledgeable about IoT application development and have experience in building Internet of things digital products. With so many OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) adapting and creating IoT friendly devices, opportunities for app developers to innovate are endless.

Apple Watch, Bluetooth, RFID, sensors, Raspberri Pi, beacons – you name it, we know how to handle all the technology available to bring your idea to life.


Augmented Reality

From games to simulators, Augmented Reality definitely opened a lot of doors when it comes to mobile app development.


After the Pokemon Go frenzy introduced users to this technology, countless companies have been leveraging it as a way of differentiating themselves from the competition, engaging users and creating extremely interactive brand experiences through mobile apps.


Integrating AR to your digital product is a great way of creating real-life experiences, simulate training or product experiences, or add virtual adventures to your marketing stunt. Take advantage of our AR app developers skill-set to enhance your product experience by adding an AR/VR engagement element to it through a mobile app.



As an app development company, we love working with beacons. They are poised to transform how retailers, event organizers, transit systems, enterprises, and educational institutions communicate with people indoors. We believe the opportunities for this local, real-time targeting technology are endless.


From in-store coupons delivered via beacons to customer phones, to collecting data to run personalized loyalty programs and ad campaigns, retailers are the first obvious market for beacons. Beacons can also trigger an automatic payment when a person leaves a specific location so that payment becomes effortless.


They are used at music and sporting venues, to communicate information, to point people to complementary content, promote sales and are widely used in airports, train stations, urban transit hubs to alert travelers of delays, changes, and weather conditions.

Web Apps

Web App

We create web applications or extend your mobile digital product to the web, allowing even more users to have an awesome experience and increasing your potential customer reach. Our team of experienced app developers and designers will design, develop and deliver user-friendly and fully functional web apps and websites for any industry.


We’re experienced on building cross-platform mobile apps and web applications. We always make sure the web app has the same app-like experience than its mobile version, regardless if it’s iOS or Android.


Our team of app developers has a wide variety of programming language proficiencies to ensure that we are creating the best solution for your project. Most of our projects use technologies such as React, Angular JS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Node JS and Mongo DB to create fully functional web apps with a great experience. As a technology agnostic app development company, we’ll use the best web app programming language for your objective.

Mobile & Web App
Programming Languages

We have all the knowledge to help you innovate faster and lead your industry.



Node JS


Mongo DB

Ruby on Rails

Java Script


App Features

When you work with us, you benefit from our cutting-edge
knowledge and cumulative experience with Android and iOS.

User Account

Email Login

Systems to manage user sign-ups, sign-ins, forgotten passwords and existing accounts.

Facebook Login

Facebook SDK integration to streamline account creation, picture, age, interests and so on.

Twitter Login

Easy way for users to create an account without having to share personal information. It's a one-click connection.

Phone Number Login

User signup via phone number with SMS verification. Fast and reliable for transaction-based apps.

Google Login

Quick connection via user’s Google account. Leverage on Google APIs and tools.

Sign in with Apple

Quick connection via user’s iPhone account.



Chat between users, one-to-one or one-to-many. Associated push notifications and instant refresh.

Push Notifications

User-targeted push notifications triggered by specific app events and user actions.

In-app purchase

Premium model. Enables users to unlock specific features with one-time in-app or monthly subscription.

Credit Card Payments

Integration of payment processors for charging clients. Single payments or subscription model implementation.


Simple application slide system to inform users about the application’s core features and goal.


Dynamic search on content, users or events inside of the apps.

Content Feed

Access to a content feed, together with the ability to share it inside and outside the app.

Following / Follower

Capability for user to follow other users and get followed.

User Match

Essential for Uber type of App. Matching of service providers in app based on geolocation, date and time.

App Analytics

Tracking of user behaviour in the apps. Measure of the engagement of users.

API Connections

Connection to external APIs in order to feed content in the applications.


Integration of iOT devices through bluetooth BLE Technology.


Management of offline mode in app navigation.



Allows app usage to be restricted to only those users in a specific location. Radius and polygon methods define the target area.


Continuous detection of user location and selected app behavior in specified vicinity.

Map Display

Pin management on map and clustering of points for high content volume.

Google Places API

Instant, automatic address input (like Uber), allowing users to rapidly find a specific location.


Integration of Mapbox SDK. Customization of Maps. Implementation of turn-by-turn directions in-app.


Bring users to a map at a specific location and/or initiate turn-by-turn directions from the app.

Our values

Partners - not providers.

Guaraná will act as your partner and advisor throughout the whole process. We truly embrace each one of our projects and tailor our app development process to be collaborative. Being a well rounded, experienced team with skilled app developers makes us a great long-term partner for both startups and established companies.

Execution equals excellence.

We truly commit to your digital app development project's success. We're passionate about turning your web & mobile application idea into a high performance digital product with authentic design, smooth usability and amazing engagement. We provide nothing less than the best user experience possible.

High quality code built for growth.

Our tech team ensures we always craft the best logic for your users and your strategy. Our scalable solutions are ready to accommodate any new features you might need - when your business evolves, our app developers make the code evolve with you.


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