The internet of things has been an increasingly growing trend for a few years now, and as a mobile app development agency, we couldn’t be more excited about using technology to make people’s lives easier. To get a better idea of this scenario, we got in touch with mnubo – a smart data analysis tool for IoT products. According to Jennifer Sewell, Product Marketing Manager and Internet of Things expert:

“Montreal is in a good position to become a world leader in AI as it is home to the biggest group of deep learning researchers in the world. At the forefront of the IoT adoption curve, Montreal is armed with the financial resources (recently closing a $135M round of funding) and skill-set to bring their AI and IoT technologies to an international level.

When mnubo was founded in 2012, Montreal was not in the global spotlight for IoT and AI technologies. Fast forward five years and Montreal is an innovative hotbed, home to some of the world’s most successful IoT and AI startups.

One important element fuelling Montreal’s position as an IoT leader is the collaborative spirit that is naturally ingrained in so many companies.  There is a clear sense of pride in working together to achieve joint success. We are working with several Montreal based companies to jointly bring our technologies to the next level of innovation.

Companies investing in IoT, in general, are already doing something right. But more importantly, the companies who have already achieved success in the space are the ones who are moving beyond remote monitoring and connectivity and are tapping into the business benefits of their connected product data.

Despite the success we’ve seen thus far, we haven’t even come close to scratching the surface, and as more data becomes available, companies will be equipped to make better (more informed) decisions about their connected install base.”

With that in mind, let’s take a look at which startups are using the Internet of Things to make things smarter and our lives easier.

Montreal IoT App Startup #1: SmartHalo

According to the team: “SmartHalo is a smart biking device designed for urban cyclists. Its military-grade locking system ensures it stays permanently on your handlebar to assist you when you need it. The intuitive navigation system shows you the quickest, safest routes to your destination. Automatic tracking capabilities save your biking metrics seamlessly. The powerful front light illuminates your path at night. And

Size: 11 – 50 employees
Website | Angel List Profile

Montreal IoT App Startup #2: Smartika

According to the team: “Smartika offers a complete solution for the broadband home. Its cutting-edge ecosystem is easy to use, extremely reliable and compatible with a wide range of devices. The Smartika App gives you full real-time control using your smartphone. You will be able to quickly customize your home with its simple and intuitive interface. With just a few keys, you can directly control devices and create different lighting scenarios. Depending on the activity or time of the day, you can set the heating, adjust brightness and choose a warm or cool lighting. In short, you can create the ambiance you want to have in each of your rooms.”

Size: 11 – 50 employees
Website | Linkedin

Montreal IoT Startup #3: Nectar

According to the team: Nectar is an early stage ag-tech, Montreal-based startup that gives nature a voice through sensor based technologies and conversational interfaces, starting with honey bees. In the recent events where honey bees are disapearing all over the world, thousands of people reacted and are now taking care of beehives. Taking care of honey bees can be complex and overwhelming. We allow beekeepers to

Size: 1 – 10 employees
Website | Angel List Profile

Montreal IoT App Startup #4: Ridemetry

According to the team: “RideMetry is the future in terms of safety for those who are in love with the road. Our IoT solutions, which are designed to adapt to any type of vehicle, detect accidents and report data such as the vehicle’s location to the appropriate resources in accordance with the severity of the accident. With the assistance of our AI, the potential improvements to your interactions with the road are limitless.

Size: 1 – 10 employees
Website | Linkedin

Montreal IoT App Startup #5: Cellier Domesticus

According to the team: “With a sensor included in a bottle made from Canadian wood, that we call the Guardian Angel, we can protect every bottle stored in a wine room or a cabinet cellar! The IoT for a wine cellar with aging superpower, it’s also sustainable and a beautiful piece of design. From your smartphone you can track temperature and humidity in real time, even better, you can also reproduce the pattern of a natural underground cellar.You get the best energy efficiency as well as the most accurate aging anticipation tool.Because wine is valuable, you CARE, LOVE and FEEL every bottle and you want to get the best of it!”

Size: 1- 10
Website | Angel List Profile

Montreal IoT Startup #6: Hedokko

According to the team: “At Heddoko, our mission is to reduce injuries and improve performance in all aspects of human movement by transforming movement data into actionable knowledge. By bringing the power of 3D motion capture technology out of the laboratory and into the field, we treat all humans as athletes to build stronger, more efficient teams – whether they are in the workplace or on the sports field. Our

Size: 1- 10
Website | Angel List Profile

BONUS: Not exactly an app startup, but what they’re working on is worth mentioning. They are:

Montreal IoT Startup #7: Sensequake

According to the team: “Sensequake is making cities safer and smarter. Founded in 2015, Sensequake is a well-known spin-off from McGill University that develops software and provides services based on its proprietary technology. It is the first sensing-based platform to assess integrity and natural hazard vulnerability of infrastructures. Sensequake technologies disrupt the structural health monitoring (SHM) market. Rather than rely on visual inspection and traditional engineering practices, Sensequake performs smart assessment based on data from sensors deployed on structure surfaces. Thus, Sensequake technology is aligned with the Internet of Things (IoT), as a way to monitor any changes in structural conditions of infrastructure. Our first product at Sensequake is the 3D-SAM software, a seismic assessment tool to evaluate the vulnerability of buildings to earthquakes, a growing market worth around $15B worldwide. We are currently collaborating with Concordia University to create our own sensor prototype.”

Size: 1 – 10
Website | Angel List Profile


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