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As an established mobile app development agency, our mission is to democratize app development and technology. Startups and established businesses often struggle to create mobile applications that are scalable, efficient, and technically innovative, and that's where we come in.

Our app development company has been building amazing apps since 2011, and our experienced Montreal and Toronto app developers are prepared to walk you through every step of our development process.

Ready to bring your business to the next level? Our knowledge and skills will help you quickly grow a community of users. That’s why we’re one of the best mobile app development companies in Toronto and Montreal.

Our values

App development partners - not providers

Our mobile app development company will act as your partner and advisor throughout the whole process. We truly embrace each one of our projects and tailor our app development in Toronto and Montreal to be collaborative. Being a well-rounded, experienced team with skilled app developers makes us a great long-term partner for startups and established companies.

Execution equals excellence

We’re committed to the success of your mobile app development project. We're passionate about turning your web & mobile application idea into a high-performance digital product with authentic design, smooth usability, and amazing engagement. We deliver nothing less than a premier user experience.

High-quality code built for growth

When you work with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Montreal or Toronto mobile app developer will craft the best logic for your users and your strategy. Our scalable solutions are ready to accommodate any new features you might need - when your business evolves, our app developers make the code evolve with you.

Selected Mobile App Development Projects



Fight Food Waste & Save Money



A new dating network.



The easiest way to book your personal care

Our App Development Services

Internet of things

Internet of Things

Sensors, wifi, Bluetooth, wearable devices – we know all the ways you can make your Internet of Things (IoT) product idea come to life and connect to any device.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve accumulated experience developing innovative and engaging mobile applications compatible with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and we’re ready to accommodate your mobile app development project. Let us share our expertise and experience with you, and let’s bring your connected objects and ideas to life.

Our talented in-house app developers in Montreal and Toronto are experts in IoT app development and have experience building quality digital products. With so many OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) adapting and creating IoT-friendly devices, the opportunities for mobile app developers to innovate are endless.

Apple Watch, Bluetooth, RFID, sensors, Raspberri Pi, beacons – you name it, we know how to handle all the technology available to bring your idea to life.


Augmented Reality

From games to simulators, Augmented Reality has opened several doors when it comes to mobile app development.

After the Pokémon Go frenzy introduced users to this technology, countless companies have been leveraging it as a way of differentiating themselves from the competition, engaging users and creating extremely interactive brand experiences through mobile apps.

Integrating AR into your digital product is a great way to create real-life experiences, simulate training or product experiences, or add virtual adventures to your marketing stunt. Take advantage of our AR app developers in Montreal or Toronto to enhance your product experience by adding an AR/VR engagement element to it through a mobile app.



As a mobile app development company, we love working with Beacon. Beacon app development is poised to transform how retailers, event organizers, transit systems, enterprises, and educational institutions communicate with people indoors. We believe the opportunities for this local, real-time targeting technology are endless.

Retailers are the first prominent market for beacons, from in-store coupons delivered via beacons to customer phones to collecting data to run personalized loyalty programs and ad campaigns. They can also trigger an automatic payment when a person leaves a specific location so that payment becomes effortless.

Beacons are commonly used at music and sporting venues to communicate information, point people to complementary content, promote sales and are widely used in airports, train stations, urban transit hubs to alert travellers of delays, changes, and weather conditions.

Web Apps

Web App

We can create web applications or extend your mobile digital product to the web, allowing even more users to have an unparalleled experience and increase your potential customer reach. Our team of experienced mobile app developers and designers will design, develop, and deliver user-friendly and fully functional web apps and websites for any industry.

We’re experienced in building cross-platform mobile apps and web applications. We ensure the web app has the same app-like experience as its mobile version, regardless of whether it’s iOS or Android.

Our team of Montreal and Toronto app developers has a wide variety of programming language proficiencies to ensure that we are creating the best solution for your project. Most of our projects use technologies such as React, Angular JS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Node JS, and Mongo DB to create fully functional web apps and a superior experience. As a technology-agnostic app development company, we’ll use the best web app programming language for your objective.


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Trisha Stone
Lionel Coelho
Khaled Khalifa
Ria Otero

Guarana managed all of the technical elements of the design/build of my mobile application, In the Mood.They’re creative, they care, and they build great products. I have come to rely on them to not only build an amazing product but to also offer strategic advice on design and growth.

Trisha Stone

CEO of IntheMood

“The app was looking sharp and functioning as intended.”

Lionel Coelho

Lionel Coelho, Tech Project Manager for City of Toronto

They care about the product and their clients and they see the long-term potential of your business. They’re responsive and approach the engagement with a long-term perspective.

Khaled Khalifa

Khaled Khalifa, Director of Nurse on Call

The app looks and feels great. I’m obsessed with it. You guys are the best!

Ria Otero

Chief Engineer and founder

Businesses We Serve


Startups are our passion. We’ll be your partner and advisor throughout all design and development phases. Our mobile app developers will work with you to build a robust, scalable mobile application quickly and affordably. We understand your challenges and the iterations needed to reach your goals, and we’ll stay with you during maintenance, upgrades, and any future improvements.


Entering the mobile world is essential to every company’s marketing strategy. Our experienced team of managers, designers and app developers in Toronto and Montreal will help you develop the best features and highest-quality user experience to maximize revenue and customer loyalty. Creating an effective mobile presence requires broad competence. Guarana’s multiple skills make us your one-stop-shop for app development.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile App Development

What is mobile application development?

Mobile application development is the process by which an app is developed for a mobile device. Software is created to run on a mobile device and optimized to take full advantage of the device’s unique hardware and features.

What is an app development company?

An app development company is a team of professional mobile app developers that specialize in building native iOS and Android applications for clients across various industries.

What does an app development company do?

An app development company provides the expertise and technological insight you need to create and launch a well-rounded mobile app.

Using advanced software, a mobile app developer will work with their clients to define the scope of their project, their target audience and determine which platform is best suited for their app.

Our professional app developers in Brooklyn, Toronto and Montreal offer a range of customizable services to create and launch the right app for your brand. We bring our passion and commitment to every project, ensuring your apps are stable and scalable.

What are the stages of mobile app development?

Before a mobile app developer can begin the development process, they must identify the initial concept and objective of the application. This involves working closely with clients to create a clear outline of their application and determining which platform is best.

Our design process is built on a foundation of quality and efficiency. Our skilled mobile app developers create the components you need for a seamless application.

We start with the wireframe, a visual guide, and the reference for the following development steps. Next, we use a mood board to identify your aesthetics and express them graphically. Lastly, our app developers will create an interface to show how the app will look to users once launched.

We offer end-to-end mobile app development services to ensure a seamless and engaging application. We continuously test your app as new features are added and use advanced analytics to track any potential bugs before the application is launched. Once the app is ready for the market, your mobile app developer will perform pre-launch marketing and promote the app to your targeted audience.

During the official launch of your application, our development company will continue to monitor user feedback, perform A/B testing, and ensure a flawless publication process. We continuously maintain your app to ensure it’s running smoothly and provide any insight regarding user interactions.

Why do I need an app developer?

Developing a mobile application is a detailed and nuanced process that involves advanced coding, UI/UX designs, and continuous testing. Work with Guaraná, professional Brooklyn, Montreal, or Toronto app developers who will provide the expertise and insight you need to launch an application that users will enjoy.

At Guaraná, we’re your partners in mobile app development. Our engineers and app developers use the latest software and technologies to create a seamless user experience from start to finish.

What to look for in a mobile app developer?

Whether you are looking for a mobile app developer in Toronto, Montreal, or Brooklyn, it’s important to choose a team that has a portfolio of successful projects and proven customer satisfaction. An established development company will create a detailed design, development, and launch process to ensure every aspect of your app is taken care of, from choosing the right platform to post-launch A/B testing.

We’re proud to be one of Canada’s top application development companies with a team of experienced and passionate engineers and app developers. We’ve developed over 147 apps and have helped our clients acquire over 31 million users.

What kind of app development services does Guaraná provide?

We’re proud to be leaders in mobile app development, specializing in native iOS app development and Android app development. Our services are designed to help our clients stand out from the competition by developing innovative ideas and commercially successful products.

Our Toronto and Montreal app developers start by helping you sharpen your ideas and determine which platform best suits your new application. We’ll define your design and build out a visual guide to help you understand the app’s aesthetic. Our engineers will create a unique code and integrate the app’s important features before launching.

Our services don’t stop once your app has been launched. We provide essential follow-ups to determine if any bugs need to be addressed and ensure your app gets the visibility it deserves.

Where does Guaraná provide app development services?

At Guaraná, we’re proud to be the leading app development company in North America. We offer a range of professional mobile app development services in Toronto, Montreal, and Brooklyn customized services to fit your needs.

If you’re looking to create your own space in the mobile app industry, contact our team today to get started.


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