iOS Training course
Learn Objective C and learn Swift programming languages

Learn Objective C and train yourself with iOS development to create applications for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

This iOS development training will give you the elements you need to allow you to develop your applications. You will learn how to use the XCode development environment and its tools. You will get to know the iOS SDK APIs and manipulate data with Core Data. Throughout this week you will develop your first iOS application, which you will upgrade as you go.


Discover, if necessary, Objective C / Swift languages
Use Xcode and Interface builder
Learn model objects commonly used in an iPhone application
Create an application capable of downloading JSON / XML files and display their data
Debug and optimize an application
Enhance this application with common functions
Discover the content of iOS SDK

Training schedule

Day 1
Objective C / Swift Languages

Presentation and history of the Objective C / Swift languages, their syntaxes and specificities.
Grasp and understand development tools
Create your first application
Presentation and use of Storyboards to describe the interfaces
Discover essential patterns in iOS development (MVC, delegation, etc …)
Use of the documentation
Overview of some SDK components

Day 2
Develop an application, first steps

Understand and use lists with UITableView
Add a simple navigation with UINavigationController
Use a WebView to display elaborated content
Manage asynchronous processing
Advance with development tools to optimize and debug the code

Day 3
Develop an application, adding basic functions

Manage loading data from the network
Know how to parse JSON / XML content
Add single persistence and provide ability to store user preferences
Add tabs with UITabBarController
Hands on practice with scrollable content
The differences between iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch applications and practices: Auto Layout, Size Classes

Day 4
Develop an application, visual and interactive finishes

Make your application localized
Optimize the application
Add simple animations
User interaction through Gesture Recognizer
Data entry and data sending

Day 5
Data persistence, use of Core Data

Get a grasp of Core Data
Storage and display of application data on a database managed by Core Data
Manage the evolution of data model
Use of predicates, Core Data requests language


Object-oriented programming
Knowledge of Objective C / Swift languages is a plus
Have a Mac


Our highly-talented young cracks and senior programmers are able to code any kind of mobile app on every platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Because every mobile OS is unique, we develop native apps which will run perfectly on any device. They will teach you the proper ways to develop an app on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


This training can be done in our office, your office or even remotely. Let us know what is the best option.

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