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August 6, 2018

From initial benchmarking/research to translating your mobile app and preparing it to enter new markets, there’s probably a tool out there that could help you do the job. Dive into our list and make sure you bookmark this; these are must-have resources for every phase of your business.


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What is the problem you’re trying to solve?

Get Small Business Ideas
Benchmark & Monitor Other Apps
Brainstorm Efficiently
Name Your Startup
Find a Domain
Create a Landing Page Quickly
Find a Co-Founder
Build a Business Model
Create a Pitch Deck
Get Inspired With UI Galleries
Create Mockups and Prototypes
Quote your project
Create Promo Tutorials or Explainer Videos
Track App Downloads and Revenue
A/B Testing
App Analytics
Make Your App Global With Translations Services



Get Small Business Ideas

YCombinator – List of requests for startups
Ideas Watch – Startup ideas from the crowd

Benchmark & Monitor Other Apps

App Annie – Integrated market data solutions and app analytics to help you uncover business opportunities
Appfigures – Industry-leading research tools for the app market
Apptrace – Benchmark mobile apps
MetricsCat – Mobile markets insights and analytics
Apptopia – Track competitors and discover break out apps
AppFollow – Reviews and updates monitor for App Store and Google Play

Brainstorm Efficiently

Storm Board – Online brainstorming and collaboration
Group Map – Real-time online collaborative brainstorming and decision making
Bubbl – Mind-mapping made easy
Real Time Board – Real-time white board

Name Your Startup

Naminum – Random startup name generator
Brandbucket – Ask the community for a name
Name Robot – The name machine
Brand Root – Name gallery
Cool Name Ideas– Brand name generator
Startup Name Generator– Company name generator

Find a Domain

NameCH– Find available domains
Instant Domain Search– Check domain name search results instantly
Domain Name Search–Find the new domain that tells your story

Create a Landing Page Quickly

Unbounce– Build landing pages fast and get more conversions
OntraPages – Free landing pages made simple
ThemeForest– Website templates and themes from $2
Co-Founders Lab – Connect, meet, and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs
Founder Dating – Join the fastest growing network offering certification programs and discussion forums
Tech Co-Founder – Find your tech cofounder and access 300,000+ entrepreneurs
Founders Nation – Find or become a start-up co-founder
Founder 2 Be – Find a co-founder for your startup

Build a Business Model

Canvanizer – Create a business model canvas
BMFiddle – The free business model canvas playground
Board Innovation–  Online tool to design your business model
Strategyzer – Business model and value proposition canvas

Create a Pitch Deck

Slide Beans – Create stunning, professional presentations in minutes, not hours
Swipe – Share a link to present to anyone, anywhere, on any device, and let them talk back to you too
FlowVella – Get better results with the presentation app built for mobile, that lives in the cloud – A list of Apps to Create Visually Stunning Blog Posts

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Get Inspired With UI Galleries

lovely ui – A collection of mobile UI elements.
MobileMozaic – A gallery of the very best designed iPhone applications
Inspired UI – UI inspiration gallery

Create Mockups and Prototypes – Prototypes that feel real
InVision – The world’s leading prototyping, collaboration & workflow platform
Sketch – Create mockups of interfaces, websites, icons

Quote Your Project

Create Promo Tutorials or Explainer Videos

Apptamin App video agency
Camtasia Drag-and-drop video editor
Airserver– Screen mirroring software receiver for Mac, PC and Xbox One
QuickTime– Apple’s screen recording app
Adobe Premiere Pro– Make visually stunning videos virtually anywhere

Track App Downloads and Revenue

App Annie – Integrated market data solutions and app analytics to help you uncover business opportunities
App Bot – Monitor and analyze app reviews from iTunes, Google Play, Windows and Amazon, globally
Appfigures – Stay ahead of the curve and make smarter decisions with the most advanced app analytics
iTunes Analytics

A/B Testing

Leanplum – Mobile marketing platform engineered for marketers

App Analytics

Mixpanel – Deeply understand every user’s journey with instant insights for everyone on mobile and web
Appsee – Appsee’s app analytics platform provides an in-depth analysis of your users’ behaviour, allowing you to deliver the ultimate app experience
Apsalar – Attribution, analytics, audiences and distribution for mobile apps – 360° Web and Mobile Analytics
Flurry – Measure and analyze activity across your app portfolio to answer your hardest questions and optimize your app experience
Google Analytics

Make Your App Global With Translations Services

LocTeam – A multilingual language service provider delivering comprehensive app translation, Mac and iOS software localization, and more
ICanLocalize – Translating websites, iOS, Android and Web software is what we do best; starting at $0.09 per word
Babble-On – An expert team of native translators and writers
OneSky – translation made easy for apps, games, and websites
Applingua – App & website translation

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