6 Must-Have Apps for Couples this Valentines’ Day Season

February 12, 2018

With Tinder, Bumble and a surfeit of other dating apps created just for single people, we’re left to wonder what sorts of apps exist out there for couples.    

With Valentines’ Day on the horizon, our app development company is celebrating love and relationships with our list of apps that are both playful and incredibly useful for couples:

1. Honeydue: A Perfect Money Management Tool for Millennial Couples

Money is undoubtedly a source of conflict in relationships, leading to issues such as asymmetry, miscommunication, and confusion.  According to a Money Magazine survey, a whopping 84% of married respondents cited finances as a main source of conjugal tension.

Fortunately, Honeydue has emerged out of the sea of fintech innovation as both an innovative and practical money-managing gadget.  Apps such as Mint, YNAB, and Personal Capital offer similar services, but Honeydue co-creator Eugene Park emphatically states that his app is “a collaborative tool first and a financial tool second.”

With Honeydue, users decide which financial details to share with one another.  Options range from an account or credit balance to all minor transactions and activity. Since transparency is a key issue in money management between couples, Honeydue’s customizable platform helps to facilitate collaboration, delegation, and discussion.  By updating transactions in real time, Honeydue provides an accurate snapshot of where accounts stand at each moment, ridding any confusion or miscommunication.  

Honeydue also keeps a running log of coming bills so that they are not lost in the shuffle of life.  A useful comment feature allows users to jot notes down besides transactions or account statements.  Furthermore, alerts, notifications, and email updates from the app ease budget management and prompt couples to discuss spending habits and other financial matters with regularity.

“From a generational perspective,” Park notes, “we’re seeing that Millennials are more likely to co-manage their finances together as opposed to my parents’ generation, Generation X.”  With some 32 million Millennials currently living with a partner, Park’s ultimate goal is foster an environment for young couples to develop financial habits and literacy together.  

Honeydue sets the stage for healthy relationships by facilitating financial collaboration, transparency, and communication.  This app is therefore a highly recommended download for all young adult couples.

2. Happy Couple: Technology Aimed at Emotional Connection

We’ve all read that New York Times article about the 36 questions that can supposedly make two strangers fall in love when answered together.  Happy Couple is an app based around the same idea, but designed for people already in relationships.  Marketed as a “fun quiz-style game to discover what your partner really thinks,” Happy Couple is intended to deepen the emotional connection between couples.  

The app works by generating several questions for you to answer on a daily basis.  After responding to the questions, they are sent to your partner.  Points are rewarded for correct matching answers that unlock new and exciting levels.  

The author of the questions is California-based psychologist Dr. Lonnie Barbach, who has written several best-selling works on sex and relationships.  For long-married couples, Barbach claims her inquiries will “inspire new conversations.” For new daters, Barbach claims the app will be useful “to learn more about each other and to better determine if they are a good match.”  Like her books, Barbach hopes Happy Couple can serve a larger purpose to help couples who cannot afford therapy rekindle their relationships.  

One Happy Couple user on the App Store remarked that her typically reserved husband was able to open up significantly after using the app.  Serving as a launch pad for discussions that might not otherwise take place, she commented: “We find ourselves bringing up the questions of the day and discovering things that maybe caused a misunderstanding.”

Technology is typically condemned as impersonal, distracting, and isolating, but Happy Couple aims to disabuse these notions.  Existing as a modern, intimacy-enhancing tool, we recommend giving Happy Couple a try and learning more about your partner.   

3. Between App: A Social Media Platform for Couples Only

In complete juxtaposition to Tinder, Bumble, and similar dating tools, Between purports to be a “relationship app for couples.”  Originally created in Korea, the app serves as a social media platform exclusively for you and your significant other.  

Forgetting your wedding anniversary or your partner’s birthday is a cardinal sin in the world of relationships and dating.  Luckily, the Between app tracks and saves all special days and moments, even providing a countdown feature, to ensure that they’re never forgotten.  

Furthermore, the app stores all of your couple photos, no matter how cheesy, dorky or sentimental, in a virtual album so that all your memories are kept safe in neat order.  A chat feature allows you to express yourself to your significant other in words, GIF Selfies, cute stickers, and emoticons.  Between also offers free and clear voice calls which are perfect for couples in long-distance relationships.  

In praising Between, the New Yorker declares: “You can have only one contact on Between—your significant other.  If Facebook is a high-school reunion and Twitter is a cocktail party, Between is staying home with a boxed set and ordering pizza.”   

A unique and fun bubble exclusively for couples, Between is a lighthearted platform for communicating and connecting with a loved one, especially when distance gets in the way.  

4. Time Tree: Helping You Stay in Sync

As the year marches on and our lives are filled to the brim with work and responsibilities, it can be a struggle to set aside and coordinate time to spend with those we love.  Time Tree, an app with over 5 million users, serves as “everyone’s schedule on one calendar.” Using this helpful tool, couples can easily arrange special dates and activities together and stay in sync.

Supporting platforms from Google Calendar, Outlook, and more, Time Tree users can either import a calendar or design one from scratch.  With an interface displaying either a daily, weekly, or monthly view of upcoming events, users can coordinate and manage plans with ease. Furthermore, the Time Tree schedule displays color-coded events and hosts to-do lists as well as notes and reminders.

A handy communication area allows comments and pictures to be posted for every calendar and provides ground for discussing and confirming plans. Users can also choose to share events with people not using Time Tree through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.

While the saying is platitudinous, time really is a sacred thing, especially the time reserved for those we love.  Helping couples to arrange dates and make plans, Time Tree is a must-have organizational tool for those of us in need of a helping hand. 

5. Wunderlist: No Pain in Grocery Shopping

Moving in with a loved one means new activities to share together, like the mundane task of grocery shopping.  While previously just another errand, a trip to the supermarket with your significant other may require a fair amount of thought and teamwork.   

PC Mag lists Wunderlist as one of the best productivity apps for task-management.  The simple to-do list structure makes it ridiculously easy to jot notes down, get stuff done, and cross tasks off.  With automatic due dates and reminders, using Wunderlist means you won’t forget to pick up eggs or milk again.  Furthermore, as a collaborative platform, lists can be both commented on and shared with other users and devices such as iPads, Androids, and the Web.    

“It allows my girlfriend and I to always have a list, be it shopping, things to get for the house, or things for our daughter,” says one Wunderlist user in England.  “The ability to have everything synced on both our phones is a godsend, as I have a memory like a sieve.”

A perfectly crafted organizational tool, Wunderlist is a practical app for couples navigating through a new shared life together.  

6. Fix a Fight: An App for Arguments

Clashes in relationships are not only common, but arguably natural.  While it may seem ridiculous to say that an app can resolve an argument, Fix a Fight promises to do just that by helping to restore the calm after a bitter dispute with your significant other.

After your fight, the peace-making app provides a methodical list of steps to follow to repair your relationship.  The user is guided by the voice of Mark McGonigle, a cheeky marital therapist and peacemaker from Kansas City who’s resolved issues with hundreds of bickering couples.

Fix a Fight also suggests proven remedial tactics and provides advice on how to initiate discussion, be open and expressive with your partner, and make up fast.  Based on solid research about relationships, the Fix a Fight website defines the app as a “serious tool that is proven to work for couples who are willing and open.”

Pleasant and easy to use, it might be a good idea to pull out the Fix a Fight app when a rupture needs to be repaired in your relationship.   

Overall, Valentines’ Day is the Hallmark holiday to exchange gifts, enjoy chocolates, watch sappy movies, and ultimately celebrate love.  Being in a relationship, however, is not always smooth sailing—and luckily, there’s an app for that.  

Tools like Honeydue, Time Tree, and Wunderlist help couples stay organized—be it with their calendars, groceries, or finances. Happy Couple, Between, and Fix a Fight, on the other hand, exist to help keep the spark alive in relationships and deepen emotional connections.  All in all, these 6 great apps are must-haves for couples this Valentines’ Day season.  

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