Being the fourth-largest city in North America and home to the most engineering-focused university graduates (80,000 full-time students shared among University of Toronto and Ryerson), no wonder Toronto is being called the next great producer of tech startups.

Add that to the existing strong network of emerging local venture capital supporting the ecosystem and you got yourself a pretty promising environment for startups to develop themselves and become the next big thing.

But with so many different startups popping up on the map every year (from 2,500 and 4,100 active tech startups), which ones are getting the investor’s attention? As a mobile app development agency, we got curious – and made a list of the top 7 well funded Toronto mobile startups. Dive in and check out which ones are making it to the top.

Let the benchmark begin!

#1 – HonkMobile


honk mobile app

According to the team:
HonkMobile is revolutionizing the parking industry by creating a pure mobile solution for owners and operators of commercial, private and public parking lots.
Their solution helps operators and owners of parking lots increase revenues while disrupting an industry that has long been in need of change by allowing users to search, pay,  reserve and extend the time on their parking spots.


Officially founded: 2013

Initial launch date: January 2014
Current team size: 10 employees
Money raised: Seed $3,000,000

Platforms available
: iOS & Android


#2 – Skrumble

image mobile callingAccording to the team:
Skrumble brings the communication & collaboration tools your business needs into one simple platform. Skrumble developed a communication application that allows users to have conference calls, make phone calls, screen share, send messages and share files through one application. It’s a unified communication solution.

Officially founded: 2013
Initial launch date: May 2016
Current team size: 20 employees
Money raised: Seed $2,318,000


Platforms available: iOS & Android


#3 – Drop

According to the team:
Drop is a financial technology company focused on bringing value to millennials. Drop is designed to fit into any lifestyle — anyone can earn rewards, even if they don’t use a credit card. Together, we are helping our members get rewarded every day. Without adding debt, or charges.

Officially founded
: 2015
Initial launch date: November 2016
Current team size: 24 employees
Money raised: Seed $750,000

Platforms available
: iOS & Android

#4 – Beam Messenger

According to the team:
Beam Messenger created the first True Real Time texting app. As you type, the other person receives each letter come as it would, delays, etc preserved. It is a completely new way to communicate, and offers many advantages over IM. The closest you will get to have a verbal conversation, no matter how close or how far you are.

Officially founded
: 2014
Initial launch date: October 2014
Current team size: 1 – 10 employees
Money raised: Seed $450,000



#5 – mobilityView

mobile app development in toronto
According to the team:
mobilityView Inc.’s MCM (Mobile Cost Management) Platform is a new disruptive innovation; an evolution beyond telephony expense management redefining mobile cost management, as a new exciting emerging market sector. It provides enterprises with a complete view of all mobile costs, previously not thought possible, across the entire business. No longer in the dark, guessing at what is happening, an enterprise can now move forward in a proactive and positive way, making informed decisions.

Officially founded: 2014
Initial launch date:  November 2014
Current team size: 16 employees
Money raised: Seed $450,000

Platforms available
: Not specified

#6 – Noq

top toronto mobile appsAccording to the team:
Noq is a the worlds first and only way to get live spontaneous updates from friends.
Our mobile messanging app, Noq, uses a revolutionary sharing process powered by artificial intelligence and is uncopyable by competition.  It adds excitement to your day and removes inhibitions for sharing the 1% best moments.

Officially founded: 2015
Initial launch date:  July 2016
Current team size: 2 employees
Money raised: Seed $180,000

Platforms available: iOS

#7 – 

top toronto mobile startups

According to the team:
Blynk is your personal stylist in your pocket. Blynk gets to know your fashion preferences through a swipe right (to like), swipe left (to dislike) interface. Every photo that is swiped right gets saved to your profile as an aid to help you get styled.

Officially founded: 2014
Initial launch date:  July 2016
Current team size: 1 employee
Money raised: Seed $165,000

Platforms available: iOS & Android


Do you know any top Toronto mobile startup that should be on this list?
Let us know and we’ll make sure to add them too.




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