The large screens of Smartphones are becoming more and more common in the hands of users! Theirs hands need solutions to be addressed in the design of mobile applications to ensure that the interactions are comfortable, fast and easy with the thumbs. The challenge is important because the activities are multiple (Video, Gaming, News, Photo…) the OS as well, and the Smartphones are coming out at a fast pace.

Many applications do not take into account this type of issue and work with pre-set scenarios or wait on the competition! It’s true that it will take time and money, but the results will not be the same and your users will really see the difference when you have thought about this issue. The above image gives you an idea of the comfort you can provide, the designer who made this image explains with much common sense the subject on the use of the Amazon Music application. More info here.

In brief, there is much talk about monetization, advertising … but without the ergonomics and design necessary to satisfy your users, your app will not last through time!

How do people hold their mobile devices?

The Smartphone has to face many day life situations, standing, lying down, walking… in brief the Smartphone is used in many contexts, including in dangerous situations like in cars, on a bike, while crossing a street. Here are some pictures and figures from a study of  UXmatters on user experience that shows us the interest in this subject. (survey made on more than 1000 people during 2 months)

The way in which users hold their phone is not a static state. The users changs the way they hold their phone very often, sometimes every seconds!



49% of users who use only one hand do so in a variety of positions. The study note that 67% do so with the right thumb and 33% with the left thumb.



We traditionally associate the use of both hands on mobile with the use of sliding keyboards on BlackBerry. The use of both hands is widespread in 15% of mobile phone users – In the portrait mode below it is 90% who use it horizontally and 10% in landscape mode.



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