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A succinct development strategy has become essential to staying competitive in a growing and dynamic market. Designing a brand-focused web or mobile application is about understanding what your audience needs and adapting the user interface and overall user experience to reflect their desires.

At Guaraná, we know that the smartest code on earth is nothing without an intuitive, eye-catching interface. Our highly skilled and talented UX and UI developers are ready to turn your app idea into a product that will bring maximum conversions and benefits to the user.

Learn how our professional web and mobile app UX and UI services can help take your company to the next level and build authentic and lasting relationships with your audience.

UI/UX Agency in Toronto & Montreal

For over 10 years, Guaraná has been a leading web and mobile app development company in North America, specializing in UX and UI development services in Toronto and Montreal.

Our experienced developers understand the complexities and nuances that go into creating a user-friendly app. We’ve worked with clients in every major industry, from healthcare to tourism, to help them improve their company’s virtual presence and build sustainable relationships with their audiences.

We’re your partners in UX and UI app development. We’ll guide you through every step of our process, from the first idea to the final launch. Learn how our agency can help you optimize your application to its full potential and establish your own place in the market.

Features & benefits of using UI/UX development

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Customer Loyalty

A quality user experience is an essential component to earning and retaining customer loyalty. Our experienced developers can help you understand the importance of an engaging mobile app UI design.

Maximized Revenue

Designing a mobile or web app with professional UI/UX developers ensures every opportunity to meet the user’s needs is optimized, increasing the potential for maximized client revenue.

Optimized Resources

Adopting a flexible and scalable user interface is an important step in identifying and resolving potential user concerns. Our development experts help you optimize the resources at your disposal.

Our expertise with UI/UX development

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Wireframes & Prototyping

During the wireframing phase, we’ll map out all the possible interactions and navigation paths your app needs to have according to the scope you defined with the strategy team. We’ll make sure everything a user can possibly do within your app can be done with the minimum effort possible, ensuring maximum engagement.

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User Interface Design

Our team will focus on creating a compelling interface for your users’ delight. This is where we focus on how the visual elements are laid out and how responsive and intuitive the design will be. The final product should be something consistent, clean and very aesthetically pleasing.

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Who is UI/UX Development for?

UX UI Development for Startups

Tech Startups

Innovation and exploration are key for any modern startup. We help our clients make waves in their industry with visually engaging and highly functional applications.

Existing Businesses

Even established companies must be willing to grow and evolve with technology. Our trusted UX and UI developers help our clients understand how web and mobile applications can help.

UX UI Development for Existing Businesses
UX UI Development for Manufacturers


When manufacturers are looking to add intelligence to their existing products, they look to our professional app development company for insight and guidance.


Our team of UI and UX development experts will analyze your digital products target’s consumer journey to ensure intuitive navigation and relevant design, analyzing three key elements:

Information Architecture

Information Architecture, also known as the IA, is all about satisfying the business strategies by designing the application’s or the site’s information structure. The major role of the IA is to provide its users easy navigation no matter which browser they are using.

Interaction Design

Interaction Design is about creating the conceptual design with which the users interact with the product and/or application. This interaction includes various elements such as aesthetics, colour, font, icons, images, motion, sound, space, graphics etc.


Usability can be referred to as user-friendliness as well. Along with figuring out if the users get the information they want by using the application or visiting the site for the first time and if the application/website is easy to navigate, the usability also comprehends the ways to handle the errors.


At Guaraná, we’ve worked on the user experience and user interface of over 100 mobile and web applications across all industries and services. Learn how we can help your business improve the user experience with our UI and UX design and development services.

mobile app development montreal


We created a customized mobile app with UX/UI features that mirrored Evenflow’s mission to bring inner peace to its users.

ios app design toronto


Through collaboration and communication, we were able to utilize our UI/UX app design skills to bring Yama’s vision to life.

Mobile app design for Carbon App


With an in-depth understanding of the user experience, we were able to create an educational and unique app for the Carbon team.

What it is like to work with our developers


★★★★★ – Trisha Stone – CEO at In the mood 
Guaraná managed all of the technical elements of the design/build of my mobile application, In the Mood. They’re creative, they care, and they build great products. I have come to rely on them to not only build an amazing product but to also offer strategic advice on design and growth.

Frequently asked questions about UI/UX Development

What is UI design?

UI stands for user interface, making UI design the graphic layout of a mobile or web app. Its components include everything from the text the user reads to the buttons they select, the images they view, and any additional components they will interact with while using the app, including animations and screen layouts.

These visual elements must be designed by a professional application designer with UI experience to ensure every transition, visualization, and interaction is optimized.

What is UX design?

UX design stands for user experience, which is ultimately determined by the way the user interacts with the application. A successful user experience is determined by how difficult or easy it is for the user to interact with the app’s UI components.

When designing an app’s UX elements, it’s important to identify how seamless or confusing it is to navigate the app and whether the design feels cohesive or challenging. It’s up to a UX designer to determine the functionality of the app and ensure an enjoyable experience for the user.

What is UI/UX app development?

User interface and user experience development is a collective process that involves designers working together to create a flexible and user-friendly mobile or web application.

The user experience designer is tasked with the app’s functionality and how easy and efficient it is for the user to engage with. At the same time, the user interface designer will be developing the overall look of the app, from the images to the buttons and every element in between.

This is a collaborative process and relies on expertise on both sides to ensure a client’s web or mobile application can not only engage with their target audience but is able to build their brand’s virtual presence and exceed their competition.

What is UI/UX app development used for?

The goal of this development is to create a mobile or web application that improves the overall user experience. Today’s businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to grow their audience and their revenue and this is an essential component to achieving that overall goal.

Developing a web or mobile application is a complex, nuanced process. At Guaraná, we focus on the details that make an app stand out from its competitors. Our process is carefully crafted to ensure we’re incorporating the features and functionalities that our clients need to succeed in a virtual marketplace.

Mobile and web users have infinite choices when it comes to the applications they store on their devices and engage with on a regular basis. With such dynamic competition, utilizing the expertise of a professional agency familiar with mobile app UI/UX best practices is an important step to ensuring your app can achieve your desired recognition and user engagement.

What is the role of a UI/UX app developer?

The role of a user experience and user interface developer is to work in tandem to create an application that is equally adaptable and efficient as it is visually engaging for the user. They must work as a team to ensure their application is well-rounded and that the user can navigate its functions without hesitation.

While the user experience designer is working on the functionality of the app, the user interface designer is creating visual elements that match their client’s brand and are optimized to their full potential. The final result is an engaging and innovative app that speaks to its target audience.

Why do I need a UI/UX app developer?

The process of creating a scalable, adaptable mobile or web application is intricate and nuanced at every stage of the process, from creating the wireframe to the continuous testing prior to its official launch. One of the most important steps in this process is building an app with features that are as visually appealing as they are functional. Professional app developers play an essential role in creating a well-rounded app experience.

At Guaraná, we’re committed to providing quality UX and UI development services that reach beyond expectations. Our developers are the leading experts in their field and understand the nuances involved in creating applications that both speak to the client’s brand and offer an enjoyable experience for the user.

What are the benefits of UI/UX app development?

A well-rounded mobile or web application is essential to earning and retaining users and must include functional and engaging user experience and interface components. We work with our clients to help them understand the benefits of UI/UX app design, including:

Customer Loyalty
Incorporating well-rounded and visually appealing elements not only ensures increased user acquisition but also guarantees long-term loyalty. When your customers can trust that your application is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, they’re less likely to look at your competitors.

Optimized Development
Customers can easily identify which apps and websites were built by professionals and carefully executed and which were not. Established developers understand the features and aesthetic elements that must be included in today’s apps and can incorporate these features seamlessly to ensure time and costs are optimized.

Reduced Troubleshooting
Without the help of a professional application development agency, you’ll likely spend more time and money addressing avoidable issues on the backend of your app. With established designers, you can take comfort knowing they understand user behaviour and can adapt your app to reflect their needs.

How to get started with UI/UX app development

The first step to creating a scalable, well-rounded application is finding a professional app development company that understands the vision for your brand’s virtual presence and can bring it to fruition.

At Guaraná, we pride ourselves on being more than an application development agency. We’re your partners in this unique experience. We take the time to listen and understand the goal of your new app so that we can suggest the most effective approach, from creating the basic wireframe to the custom interface components that bring your vision to life.

Our commitment to quality and innovation has been our foundation for over a decade. We understand that every client’s brand is unique and will customize our process to reflect their vision.

iOS vs Android UI design

While both platforms offer unique features and benefits for developers, it’s important to understand the differences between iOS app development and Android app development to ensure your application is fully optimized.

When it comes to navigations, iOS’s primary icons are typically arranged horizontally at the bottom of the screen with secondary icons found in their global navigation bar. Android’s primary icons are arranged throughout the interface and their secondary features are accessed in the top-left corner of their navigation bar.

Their cards, which are unique ways to display more information in less space, are used differently by iOS and Android platforms. iOS cards are typically designed without shadows or round corners, while Android will often include those visual elements.

To help you fully understand the various differences on an iOS and Android platform, our experienced designers will walk you through their features so you can better identify which platform is right for your app.

What UI/UX app development services does Guaraná provide?

We’re proud to offer a wide range of custom UX and UI design and development services to help our clients take their business to the next level.

We understand how competitive your industry has become and the importance of reaching and retaining customers is more crucial than ever. Our services are designed to fit your brand and identify the needs and desires of your audience.

We provide a full-service application development process that guarantees scalable, long-term success. Whether you’re in the retail, tourism, culinary, or healthcare industry, we can help you identify what your customers are looking for in an app and apply those features and visual elements.

Our process begins with identifying the scope of your project and learning about your company objectives. From there, we can determine which platform is best suited to your app and the most effective way to apply our innovative UI and UX features. We ensure continuous testing prior to its market debut and will monitor its post-launch progress and address any discrepancies immediately.

When you work with our trusted developers, you can feel confident that your customers will never have to look to your competitors to meet their needs.

Where does Guaraná provide UI/UX app development services?

Our team of experienced UX/UI app designers are stationed in Toronto and Montreal, Canada but that’s not where our services end. We’re proud to offer our expertise to clients across North America through convenient virtual communication.

How can I get in touch with Guaraná’s UI/UX application developers?

If you’re ready to begin your mobile or web app journey, contact Guaraná today. Our experienced developers are available for in-person consultations in Toronto and Montreal. Can’t make it to our office? We’re happy to chat by phone or email.

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